Content Marketing Specialist

Job Description

Xoxoday is looking for a passionate candidate with keen interest and basic experience in SEC and content marketing and awareness of digital marketing as a whole who would be responsible for digital marketing at Xoxoday

Results expected of an expert at this role

Within the first three months

  • Build a thorough understanding of competitors and customers wrt content marketing
  • Come up with recommendations on SEO guided content topics and efforts
  • Collaborate with designers, marketing leaders to support current content requirements
  • Demonstrate a command over written English and a flair for writing business content

Within the first six months

  • Launch a content marketing plan in terms of strategic initiative and tactics
  • Set up strong processes to churn out predictable and high-value content
  • Produce a variety of content as requests and initiatives get streamlined

Within the first nine months

  • Educate sales, inside sales, products and other teams on the content marketing plan
  • Establish strong attribution in lead generation and content marketing efforts
  • Produce high quality, marketing and non-marketing content in a systematic manner

Within the first twelve months

  • Create and drive the internal adoption of a repository of content for sales and marketing
  • Achieve lead generation targets via content marketing efforts
  • Set up a well-oiled content marketing unit generating content in line with global players
  • Support in training and hiring new content marketers

Benefits of joining us

  • Competitive compensation
  • Work with a large and growing group of talented people
  • Attractive perks such as yearly memberships, paid sabbaticals, etc.


  • Please apply only if you can deliver well on the outcomes listed above.
  • Please attach a simple and well-formatted resume
  • Along with the resume, please share at least five different types of content authored by you in the recent past
  • Upon shortlisting, you will be asked to prepare and submit a content marketing plan for Xoxoday to succeed in global markets
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Mid/Senior Level Experience