A mobile phone major improves employee engagement with Xoxoday


Our client is the home of one of the world's most popular mobile phones. A start-up founded in Espoo, Finland, their team consists of passionate professionals that includes some of the most talented and well-recognised leaders in the mobile industry. They aim to create amazing mobile technology for everyone. They design and deliver trusted and innovative mobile technology products under the iconic mobile brand. These products are created to meet the diverse needs of global consumers, that are useful for everyone and that make life more exciting and inspiring for these consumers and our shared communities.

The Evaluation Process

Our client chose Xoxoday Empuls for the following reasons:

Simple to use interface

The Empuls interface that is designed to feel natural - allowing the user to easily navigate through the platform. For a first time user - it is very very simple to understand and learn -  which the team felt was an important criteria for adoption that they were aiming to achieve.

Proven expertise

One of our clients’ global HR team members had a first hand experience with Xoxoday and was well aware of the customer service levels, offerings and technology- which played a significant role in finalising the vendor.

Seamless rewarding system

The platform had an option of point based rewarding that could help in easily awarding points for performers on the go and, at the same time, an extensive redemption catalogue that consisted of thousands of ways in which employees could use these points up.


Before Xoxoday Empuls, the primary mode our client engaged with their team was through either one-on-one programs or ad hoc platforms. They were using  an office facebook group and whatsapp groups for announcements and engagement discussions. They lacked a common platform and these disparate platforms achieved very little employee motivation and engagement. 


Eliminating email conversations with Empuls groups

The team created department wise and interest based communities and eliminated the use of facebook groups, whatsapp and emails - at one go. All important organizational and departmental communications and discussions are now routed through Empuls groups and communities.

Employees are evidently growing more open to participate in discussion, to engage and to quickly give suggestions to the management. 

Implementing e-learning programs

Amongst the many applications of Empuls communication module, managers find it to be the best medium to communicate and run e-learning programs. 

E-learning initiatives are publicised and links to the learning modules are directly shared on Empuls groups. Employees who missed a module could quickly discover the link to the required module to stay updated. Managers also collect valuable feedback and stimulate engagement around these posts by the means of employee discussions through the comments thread.

Culture of appreciation with rewards and recognition

Our client leverages the rewarding module in Empuls to its full capacity ranging from spot awards to festival awards - all forms of rewarding happens over Empuls. The platform has also helped nurture a culture of appreciation with greetings, badges, value cards, spot awards, manager awards and peer to peer awards. 

Communications during crisis : COVID 19 scenario

Our client even went about leveraging Empuls communities for the purpose of creating COVID volunteer task forces.

For instance, employees posted issues pertaining to their own locality during COVID lockdown - in terms of lack of medicines, food supply and even instances of poverty. The company’s employees either mobilised their contacts or resources to offer a helping hand for the ones afflicted.

The platform also extended as a critical tool for company wide engagement  during COVID-19 lockdown. Other than interesting and on-going employee contests that they conducted, Empuls also became a venue where even the employees’ families shared their creative produces - like kids’ artwork and special home cooked dishes.


Great adoption and engagement

75% of their employees are extremely satisfied with shifting to Empuls as their communication platform - which also reflects in the great adoption the platform has achieved. All employees are awarded at least once every 6 months over the platform and there are 20 different award categories and they have achieved 88% redemption rates. Every employee receives 1.2 awards every year and the number of awards grow 

Our client implements multiple team awards called ‘corporate circle awards’, customer service awards called ‘customer champions’, sales awards called ‘sales champions’ and ‘sales marshall’, innumerous spot awards and value awards called ‘value ambassador awards’ - to name a few.

Our client now witnesses a culture shift - towards it becoming transparent, open, one that gives appreciation for good work done and empathetic. Empuls has been a great tool to help create the ecosystem for this transition. The on-going prolonged work from home conditions have further pushed the imagination of our client to utilise the product for remote engagement and Empuls was viable to all of it.

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