A property management software firm engages its employees with Xoxoday


Our client is an American multinational and they provide property management software for multifamily, commercial, single-family and vacation rental housing industries. Clients use their platform to improve operating performance and increase capital returns. They are headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and currently serve more than 12,400 clients worldwide from offices in North America, Europe and Asia.


Our client needed a unified platform to appreciate and engage their employees. A major challenge was to scale up reward programs within their workforce. Making the rewards relevant across their diverse employee segments - across functions and interests, was difficult. 

They used to run a reward program that awarded virtual points to the employees. These points were then disbursed to them as cash. Cash grew to be monotonous and did not bring in the zeal that rewards potentially could. They wanted to move into a novel and intuitive mode of running their reward programs.


‘"Our employees just love the software! Many appreciations, congratulations, awards are shared almost every day. This keeps them motivated.  The numerous options to choose from the rewards catalog - makes it even more lovable."’

Manager - HRBP



90% of employees rewarded

Our client created focused groups of cross-functional teams to collect important feedback and insights into what the expectation of the employees was from a rewards program. These insights were a critical input to creating a rewards platform using Empuls.

The reward program, once formed, ensured that over 90% of employees were rewarded from across the workforce. This was owing to their excellent reward mix that covered employees from across tiers and functional verticals. This reward configuration was done using the awards module of Xoxoday Empuls where they could manage over 20 awards from a single dashboard.  

Rewards were structured for functional performances of their business focus - such as, ‘Architect of the Year’ or ‘Product Evangelist of the Year’.  Even the organization’s keen focus on Operational excellence reflected in its rewards structure. Using rewards like ‘BPM Special Recognition’ and ‘Green Belt Certification’ our client ensured all employees were driven towards it. 

Awards like ‘Lead by Example’, ‘Make A Difference’, and ‘NorthStar Award’ motivated employees to live their organizational values and strive towards their goals. ‘Pinnacle of the year’ award is meant to identify and reward the best leader of the year, applicable only to the leadership category. Performers were duly given a range of awards that ensured not one of them across their spheres got missed out. Team achievements were celebrated using special and varied awards. Service anniversaries, Festival gifts and Marriage Vouchers were promptly distributed during the employees’ personal milestones using the gifting feature of Empuls.

Increase in Spot award by 100% Month on Month

Spot awards are a great way to instill a culture of appreciation across the organizations. Managers use spot awards to appreciate the extra-mile efforts and performance milestones of the employees. Managers of the company quickly adopted spot awards, doubling the total spot monthly awards with every month.

Employees even appreciate each other using value cards, when their peers hold up an organizational value by going the extra mile or out of the way.

Reward program implementation turn-around time reduction

From the earlier two to three days window that an awards program needed to be implemented, it now takes under an hour to make an award program live. Once the campaign is live, award nominators and approvers can immediately start distributing awards. The process efficiency also extends to the way employees redeem these awards. The Xoxopoints can be used to instantly redeem a reward of the employee’s choice - from 5000+ experiences, 2000+ gift vouchers and 7000+ perks. The entire reward giving and receiving process has now become highly efficient and seamless.

Our client’s performance-driven culture required a solution that could instantly and powerfully motivate employees to do their best. Resultantly, Empuls became the right partner for them to quickly implement rewards and engagement strategies - so as to always keep their employee morale and motivation high.

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