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BarRaiser, a digital interview platform used Xoxoday's extensive rewards catalog to increase candidate attendance rate.

About the client

BarRaiser is a new-age company that helps firms evaluate candidates with a standardized process and engineer a great candidate experience. Be it conducting round-the-clock interviews at scale or reducing the time taken to roll out an offer to candidates, they do it all.

The Challenge

BarRaiser faced two major challenges: 

  • One: Getting as many candidates as possible to participate and attend the initial interview screening rounds. This was a vital process to ensure that companies could evaluate a greater number of candidates with higher proficiency on subsequent rounds. 
  • Two: Receiving candidate feedback, especially from the ones that were placed in specific organisations through them. The feedback from candidates played a key role in building a better product roadmap and further, shaping their business. 

To achieve this, BarRaiser was looking for a digital incentive solution that could incentivize candidates with unique rewards on completion of a screening round/assessment.

The Solution

Xoxoday fit the bill perfectly, as it was a holistic rewarding solution that covered 21000+ rewards across 75+ countries. It was also able to perfectly integrate with a range of survey and CRM software, allowing BarRaiser to send rewards from their flow of work. 

BarRaiser used Zapier integration to configure Xoxoday’s gift engine and set up automated workflows to execute the rewarding process seamlessly. This helped them to run custom campaigns to reward their candidates in just a few clicks. 

They utilized this implementation to execute two campaigns to cater to two different things:
  • Campaign 1: Increase feedback rates from candidates that were placed in certain organisations through BarRaiser. 
  • Campaign 2: Drive candidate attendance rate for the scheduled interview rounds. 

Separate workflows were created to meet different needs. Speaking of the first campaign, the process was automated in a way that every time a candidate filled the Google Survey Form, he/she was rewarded with a brand voucher worth INR 500 - 1000. For BarRaiser, this feedback meant a lot when it came to improving their product & service, and rewards were the best way to achieve it. 

Similarly, for the second campaign, coupons were sent to candidates that appeared for the interview.  

Manav from BarRaiser had this to say:

“The exclusive global catalog and unique rewards that Xoxoday offered were extremely helpful in providing an excellent candidate experience for us. The whole process of sending reward options to our candidates was instant and hassle-free. The seamless integration made it easier, and we saw more than 90% redemption of vouchers from candidates after their interviews.”

He added by saying that the reward catalog of Xoxoday in the US was massive, and benefited them immensely, especially when serving US-based customers.

What’s next?

BarRaiser has so far distributed 600+ rewards and are looking forward to scale the solution because even a 10% improvement in the number of candidates attending the event can make a massive difference for their customers.

With this, BarRaiser is also looking to automate the reward delivery for candidates that attend the screening rounds.