India’s Leading Bank improves customer engagement

An Indian public bank achieves 15% month on month growth in customer engagement using Xoxoday reward vouchers.


YES BANK is India’s fourth largest private sector Bank with a pan India presence across all 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India. The founder, Rana Kapoor and their top management team established YES BANK to provide high quality, customer centric, service driven, private Indian banking that catered to the future businesses of India. YES BANK has adopted international best practices, the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence. They offer comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all their valued customers.


‘YES PAY’ is a wallet developed by YES BANK. Digital wallets are a secure, RBI approved mechanism which enable consumers to make quick payments and do person-to-person transfers. With YES PAY, YES BANK has access to users who aren’t directly customers of the Bank.

Digital wallets have gained popularity in India because of the seamlessness of payments and multiple purchase options from within a single app. To that end, YES PAY facilitated recharges, bill payments, eCommerce offerings and the team was looking at purchase of gift vouchers and coupons of top brands so as to increase the use cases supported by the wallet.

 Given the popularity of the app,the rate of gift vouchers purchases was projected to be high.  High purchase rates bring in the challenge of scalable and prompt customer service and quick query redressals.

Reasons to Choose

Xoxoday was chosen by the Bank for the following reasons:

1. Extensive catalogue

YES BANK had a discussion with Xoxoday to evaluate the variety and quality of gift vouchers and experiences offered, and this brought out an impressive range of options. Xoxoday provided a whole range that efficiently widened the choice for the customers.

2. Customer service

Xoxoday provided a turnkey customer service solution for query redressals that offloaded the extensive customer service efforts that YES BANK otherwise had to manage.

3. Key Account Management

Xoxoday provided a key account manager to help YES BANK manage high volume transactions and queries related to usage of the platform. This provided immense program management advantage.

“Xoxoday seamlessly integrated with the YES PAY platform. Handling Xoxoday has been very smooth - both for us and also with regard to handling customer queries.”

Nikesh Vora, Product Manager, YES BANK


1. Wide variety of redemption options

In addition to offering easy transactions and bill payments, YES BANK wanted YES PAY to be dynamic as a digital wallet. Xoxoday provided this flexibility through the extensive range of redemption options that were presented to the customers. These daily digital wallet gift voucher purchases are being solely handled through the Xoxoday interface.

2. Seamless Integration

For the end customer, purchase of vouchers was a seamless experience. After the Xoxoday integration, the customers were able to view and purchase Xoxoday’s gift vouchers and in no other way did they perceive this shift. The gift voucher purchase syncs with the rest of YES PAY interface and enables it to function as a whole. The integration hugely benefited the customers as a new avenue for Spending the wallet balances.

3. Customer Service

The queries and redressals during the redemption process of Gift Vouchers are handled using the turnkey customer service offered by Xoxoday. If there is an  escalation during the daily transactions, Xoxoday handles them from the back end. The increasing number of transactions indicate that the Xoxoday Plum integration has been welcomed by YES PAY’s users. The turnaround time for issue resolution has also been very quick owing to Xoxoday’s fully fledged and highly experienced customer service.

Xoxoday helps YES BANK to provide an enriching digital wallet experience using YES PAY. Their officials tell us that the Xoxoday platform makes the entire process of gift voucher purchase and tracking very smooth. YES BANK has used Xoxoday to improve their wallet purchase options and in turn, customer satisfaction.