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NFX Digital improves survey respondent engagement

Here's how NFX Digital automated its rewards with Xoxoday for thousands of customers filling out surveys, polls and more by offering speedy rewards.


NFX Digital is a data and digital marketing company that is disrupting the consumer and marketing research landscape of India. They derive customer insights by interfacing digital innovation and human psychology. Through this, they attempt to bridge the gap between brands and people. Their solutions are backed by Adytude, India's largest consumer research engine with 9,00,000 reviews by 1,10,000 users across 40 Indian cities and counting.


While NFX Digital started out, they were able to manage the sending of respondent rewards, manually. They procured and despatched reward merchandise like custom printed t-shirts and mugs to the high performing respondents. As the respondent base grew, this manual process became laborious and impractical. They were in dire need to automate this process. This process also needed to be error proof, since the rewards were prime motivators for respondents to take surveys- which is core to NFX’s business value chain.

The Evaluation Process

NFX started using Xoxoday for smaller procurements before going for the full-fledged rewarding program. They did not have to evaluate another provider because Xoxoday delivered their requirements seamlessly. The following were a few reasons to finalise Xoxoday:

1. Variety of Rewarding options

Xoxoday has a wide variety of rewarding options - that includes experiences and gift vouchers - and this variety was important to gain respondent interest. A larger range of redemption options motivates the respondents to earn survey points as a result of productively filling surveys.

2. Great customer service

Xoxoday gave clear context to the nature of customer service that they were to provide. Xoxoday is extremely adept at issue and query resolutions. The campaign managers as well as the respondents who had redemption queries got resolutions to their issues swiftly.

3. A dedicated rewarding partner

While shifting from a manual form of rewarding NFX was looking for a rewarding partner who had the bandwidth of rewarding, deliveries and query handling - and Xoxoday was rightly that.

“The customer service at Xoxoday is exceptional. Our account managers have been extremely prudent in clarifying queries. The occurrence of an issue is almost never - and even a few odd ones were handled very quickly.”

Ayesha Chowdhury, Digital Strategist, NFX Digital Pvt Ltd


Improved the rewarding process

The end-to-end rewarding process was handled by Xoxoday and this enabled NFX to re-focus on their core functions - instead of handling the entire logistics of reward issuing and delivery. This also shortened the reward delivery cycle, because Xoxoday used instant reward delivery mechanisms like e-vouchers and virtual gift cards.

Issue resolution well within SLAs

The redemption and order queries where addressed very quickly and Xoxoxday has continued to offer extraordinary customer service. Escalation of an issue is an extremely rare instance and even such an occurrence, is addressed with great care and speed.

Respondent rewarding has grown at a 65% CAGR year on year

The respondent resolution volume was already high while starting the association with Xoxoday. It further grew at a 65% CAGR and still Xoxoday was able to cater to it seamlessly. These increased numbers also indicate the increase in productive respondent base of NFX, which is critical for their business efficiency.

NFX has leveraged Xoxoday’s rewarding platform to nurture their survey respondent base and resultantly their business. The three years of association has yielded well in the process of creating productive paid market research business.