Case Study




Client is a global leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and data center technology


PAN India

About the company

Client designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions. Their portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs, networking software and a family of mobile products like smartphones, tablets and apps.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Client was looking for a detailed plan and idea to engage with it’s top 50 channel partners as their core channel engagement program keeping in mind two touch points i.e. birthdays and anniversaries

Existing solution

  • Client was rewarding laptops or tablets as gifts to their channel partners on the association day

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered the client, exclusive and unique experiences for different each locations for touching and interacting with channel partners on a regular basis throughout the year
  • These experiences are specially handpicked and curated keeping birthdays and anniversaries as touch point in mind
  • Xoxoday also provided concierge service where the channel partners were called and their preferences were taken to suggest the best possible options from the catalog
  • A window of 15 days was defined for this activity to drive the complete redemption process
  • Post that, the channel partners were communicated through Emails and text messages for experience bookings, making the entire activity very memorable for them

Channel performance reward program

  • The channel performance reward program provides high perceived value experiences and products to channel partners on target achievements
  • It is a point based engagement and loyalty program with features like announcements, surveys, referrals, special perks, experience and gift voucher redemption
  • The LSA box will contain redemption card, certificate, experience booklet as per client’s requirements
  • Wide variety of reward options to choose from: experience box, customized Xoxoday voucher, enterprise portal, and whitelisted page
  • Automatic delivery of experiences and gift vouchers on partner’s email, SMS or through IVR

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • High perceived value rewards: delight customers through high perceived value experiences
  • Personalized offers: 10,000+ experiences, multiple denominations
  • Instant rewards: automated deliveries through APIs
  • Reporting & analytics: know the outreach of the campaign along with financial reports


  • The top channel performers were awarded with customized, high-value experiences that ensured increased the loyalty quotient
  • Engagement increased manyfolds as the channel partners received interesting gift options apart from the usual product or merchandise to recognize their service and dedication