Case Study




One of the largest private bank in India



About the company

The client offers a wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life, non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • The client wanted to encourage their NRI customers to increase the remittance (funds transfer) to other countries
  • Need of an automated, seamless way for incentivizing and rewarding the users who opt for online modes of fund transfer at regular intervals to increase the financial inflows
  • Have in place, a user-friendly reward platform that will increase the number of transactions and activate the dormant accounts

Existing solution

  • Cashbacks or discounts offered on the amount of remittance to increase number of transactions
  • The existing solution was manual, error prone, lacked reporting and high perceived value reward options

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday gift vouchers and international vouchers are ‘all in one gift vouchers’ redeemable on any of the other brand gift vouchers and experiences globally
  • Xoxoday vouchers give the power of choice to the consumer from 1000+ merchant brands across the globe in multiple currencies; no other voucher in the world offers a wide array of options under one umbrella
  • Apart from this, the details of redemption percentage were shared with ICICI that gave them a better insight and understanding of the campaign success
  • Xoxoday created a platform for ICICI bank which could be accessed by their customers and could be used for the redemption purpose
  • The voucher points can be redeemed out of the wide array of brand options available on the platform
  • An automated email is sent to the customer with the voucher details and step-by- step instructions on how to redeem the brand vouchers
  • An automatic report on the point usage and its impact on the ROI can be generated, giving useful insights on the user and redemption database

How API integration works

  • Login to
  • Chose the brand voucher that you want to avail
  • Enter your information in the voucher details page
  • Go to check out to complete the order, it’s as simple as that

Perks of an API Integration

  • Instant delivery: electronic or digital gift vouchers are delivered over an email or sms
  • Millions of choices: 1000+ offline and online brands give choice of millions of products and services across options like travel, food, grocery, apparels, fashion, furniture, electronics, movies, mobile recharge and more
  • Flexible usage: multiple Xoxoday gift vouchers can be added in a single transaction and can be used within validity period till the balance is zero
  • Flexible denomination: Xoxoday vouchers are available in price as small as ₹50 and as large as Rs ₹49,000, they also come in any denomination of your choice so that you can choose your value as per the need
  • Personalization: you can personalize the Xoxoday vouchers with your name, message, denomination and company branding in a digital format
  • Zero operational overheads: Xoxoday vouchers have no logistic charges or taxes and you can distribute them with the click of a button


  • 4,000+ vouchers have been delivered that have increased the number of transactions ultimately increasing the remittance by multi-folds