Case Study




Client is the leading marketplace lending platform in India integrated with financial institutions’ systems



About the company

Client is a fin-tech company, and the leading marketplace lending platform in India. The platform empowers individuals & SMEs with an easy & smoother access to finance through wide range of loan & credit card products. Built on proprietary matchmaking algorithm, it’s marketplace platform has been integrated with financial institutions’ systems for real time processing and provides online approval to the customer.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Client wanted to have all their advisors on one platform for increased engagement and participation
  • The client also wanted to recognize the efforts of the advisors and reward them something unique and offbeat

Existing solution

  • Client was offering vouchers or cash reward to the advisors

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered the client an enterprise solution to manage all the communication and rewards to the advisors
  • This platform enabled the client to reward, appreciate and make communities for the advisors for an increased collaboration
  • This also helped the client keep a track of all the communication to be passed on to the advisors on a timely basis
  • Rewarding the advisors got easy as they got choices where they could choose from a wide array of offerings in the form of unique experiences
  • The platform was a self-serve platform where one can manage rewards anytime, anywhere instantly
  • Set-up in less than 5 minutes, the platform provides metrics to measure the effectiveness of the reward program

How an enterprise platform

  • The HR admin can set-up the account, create workflows, create user accounts and set rewards with assistance from the Xoxoday program manager
  • The HR admin can allocate reward points to managers/department heads or can directly allocate points to employees as per budgets and reward criteria
  • The employee can accumulate points and send peer to peer non monetary benefits, ‘cheers & badges’, also highlighting company values and leadership principles
  • The employee can redeem the points against a catalogue of experiences and gift vouchers available in the redemption section

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • Campaigns: create and manage reward campaigns
  • Reminders: automated points redemption reminders to improve utilization
  • Employee mood: real-time employee mood survey to analyze the pulse of the organization
  • Nominations: design nomination workflows on unlimited reward possibilities
  • Allocate budget: allocate reward budget by departments, business verticals and as per workflows
  • User management: create multi-layered users and workflows for points allocation, approval, redemption
  • Badges: provide non monetary but motivating badges to employees to boost their morale
  • Polls & surveys: design and manage organization wide polls & surveys for feedback on critical organizational decision points
  • Community & groups: create like minded communities within the organization to increase participation and engagement e.g. music, arts, travel, trekking, sports communities
  • Kudos & greetings: design and greet employees on organizational values, leadership qualities for all occasions in the organization
  • Global catalog: over 10,000+ experiences, gift vouchers for all major global locations
  • Reporting & analytics: detailed and exhaustive reports on redemptions, point recharge, allocations, campaign effectiveness and more


  • The enterprise platform has facilitated the client to reward all their associates on one platform leading to increased collaboration and healthy participation
  • The advisors got a bouquet of experiences to choose from, ultimately leading to a strong and enhanced network