Case Study


Market Research


Largest consumer research company in the world



About the company

The client measures and analyzes consumer confidence internationally. It offers retail and shopper marketing, brand and portfolio management, pricing & promotion strategies, product innovation & renovation, and social media intelligence services. The company also measures the shopping and media consumption of consumers; and viewership data & analytics primarily for the media & advertising industries across television, online, and mobile screens.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Difficulty in procuring and sending rewards to the individual panel members manually
  • Absence of a streamlined and an automated incentive program for the panel members and survey participants
  • Missing reporting and analytics

Existing solution

  • Procurement and dispatch of the rewards was done manually
  • This was a time consuming process, involving logistics and operational challenges, along with the need to disclose the panel members’ details with the vendor

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered them the API solution for seamless and automated incentive procurement and distribution
  • Supercharged their rewards and incentive programs with an instant delivery upon successful completion of the survey or feedback through a mobile API integration
  • As soon as the survey is filled, an automated voucher is sent to the customer immediately
  • This integration opened up a vast catalog of experiences and gift cards with over 6500+ curated experiences
  • No hassle of sharing the details of panel members with Xoxoday

How an API integration works

  • Developer APIs provides a set of web services that allows a partner to integrate and sell gift cards and eGift cards on their websites and mobile applications
  • Customers can browse the vouchers, select and purchase using your reward points or payment gateway
  • A detailed reporting & analytics on number of orders placed, orders received, amount paid and more is provided in a single intuitive dashboard

Perks of an API Integration

  • Instant delivery across devises through emails and SMS
  • Delivery directly to the end user in the form of encrypted voucher codes
  • Rich international catalogue with 10,000+ experiences, gift vouchers and products to choose from
  • A dedicated customer support to provide seamless service
  • A dedicated account manager to help you set-up and on-board, along with a post sales support
  • Easy integration of your account, with simple onboarding steps


  • 738 rewards were delivered in just 1.5 months
  • The R&R program saw employee productivity and recognition ratings improve month by month
  • Rewards were implemented in 2 more panel programs of the client within 1 month of the launch