Case Study




Client is India’s largest E-commerce marketplace that has redefined the way brands and MSME’s do business online



About the company

Client is India’s largest E-commerce marketplace with a registered customer base of over 100 million and offers over 80 million products across 80+ categories including smartphones, books, media, consumer electronics, furniture, fashion and lifestyle.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Client was looking for options to delight their employees and congratulate them on becoming parents

Existing solution

  • Client did not have any platform, framework or parenthood solutions and cash or products were gifted on the special occasion

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered a solution with a unique combination of offline + online mechanism where the client’s employees will get reward money in their kitty of reward portal so that they can go ahead and avail both the options: experiences and gift vouchers
  • At the same time, Xoxoday has added a personal touch by designing a very sophisticated frame box (blue box for paternity and red box for maternity) customized with the company logo
  • The experience guidebooks come with 3 variants which signifies 3 stages of parenthood; baby-moons, toddler and mom getting back to work
  • These guidebooks provided all the detailed information about the related experiences, so that recipient can optimize their experience choice

Easy steps to avail the experiences

  • Employee gets automated congratulatory mailer on the reward
  • The physical box will be provided as per the customization
  • Log into the redemption portal
  • Employee can redeem the voucher codes to avail exciting parenthood experiences from the redemption platform
  • The employee can select the experience, enter relevant details, book the experience and enjoy it on the go

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • Collect memories, not stuff: parenthood experiences bring more happiness than material awards, the cash reward is easily forgotten but the feel-good factor of experiential reward is long lasting
  • High perceived value: rewards in the form of ‘cash’ is often blurred with compensation and the purpose of reward is often not met
  • Emotional connect: parenthood experiences can be enjoyed with your spouse, resulting into strong emotional connect which is not possible with material things
  • Experiences are the talking point: when one goes for an experience or activity, one likes to talk about it and share it with others, giving an overall state of positivity
  • Wide global range: one gets a large choice of experiences in different categories across different location
  • Personalization: parenthood experiences are highly curated and personalized that suit a would be mother till she is ready to join her work back


  • 180 parenthood experience gift boxes were delivered that provided experiences raging from babymoon, peaceful staycations, preparations for resuming work, capturing precious photographs to cherishing the lovely moments with the new one