Case Study




Client is notable for being the first multiplex operator in India to equip its screens with the Dolby Atmos and Auro 11.1 sound systems



About the company

Client is an Indian multiplex chain and film production company that is often lauded for its premium quality and inexpensive pricing. Its theatres are often used by filmmakers for film premieres and audio launch events.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Client runs an ‘Aspire program’ for the blue collar employees wherein, the employees were rewarded on different parameters like attendance, referral, tenure etc
  • Client reached out to multiple vendors to procure physical vouchers which was tedious
  • Other major issue was the vouchers being misplaced
  • The client also wanted to enable the blue collar employees to use simple technology to choose their rewards

Existing solution

  • The client reached out to multiple vendors to procure physical vouchers manually, which was a time consuming and a tedious task

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday built and offered an enterprise pro version for rewards based on points allocation
  • Integration of HRMS with the Xoxoday portal ensures automated points allocation based on the different parameters of the ‘aspire program’
  • The platform gave the employees an option to log into the portal and redeem the voucher of their choice based on the points which have the following features

Easy redemption of vouchers

  • Login to
  • Chose the brand voucher that you want to buy
  • Enter your information in the voucher details page
  • Go to check out to complete the order, it’s as simple as that

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • Instant delivery: electronic or digital gift vouchers are delivered over an email or SMS
  • Millions of choices: 350+ offline and online brands give choice of millions of products and services across options like travel, food, grocery, apparels, fashion, furniture, electronics, movies, mobile recharge and more Instant delivery of electronic or digital gift vouchers delivered over an email or SMS
  • Flexible usage: multiple Xoxoday gift vouchers can be added in a single transaction and can be used within validity period till the balance is zero
  • Flexible denomination: Xoxoday vouchers are available in price as small as ₹50 and as large as ₹49,000, they also come in any denomination of your choice so thta you choose your value as per the need
  • Personalization: you can personalize the Xoxoday vouchers with your name, message, denomination and company branding in digital format
  • Zero operational overheads: Xoxoday vouchers have no logistic charges or taxes and you can distribute them with the click of a button back


  • The enterprise pro platform increased engagement amongst 1,200 blue collared employees, making the Aspire program a success
  • This resulted in a high ROI proposition making the voucher system a reliable option for the blue collared workers to upgrade themselves to the technology and avail benefits without any complications