Case Study




One of the largest luxury hotel chains in the world



About the company

Client is an American multinational owner, operator, and franchiser of hotels,  resorts, and vacation properties. The client has 739 luxury properties in 57 countries with loyalty membership of around 10,000+ members

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • To offer unique experiences in their engagement and reward program for their loyal customers
  • To provide high perceived value experiences as per the loyalty membership band
  • To engage the customers with curated experiences to increase the customer loyalty, ultimately resulting in repeat business

Existing solution

  • The existing reward program had standard reward options like room upgrade, discounts, free nights etc
  • Existing reward program lacked high perceived value as experiences in and around the hotels were missing

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered an option of API integration with the latest experiences shown on client’s loyalty platform
  • API integration ensured a seamless booking experience and bookings can be processed in real time using the loyalty points based on the different bands
  • API integration opens up a vast catalog of experiences with over 6500+ curated experiences across multiple cities in the world for the client’s customers

How an engagement and reward program helps

  • Customer will get an automated reward mail
  • Login to client’s loyalty portal to avail exciting experiences from the bouquet of experiences
  • The customer can select the experience, enter relevant details and book the experience at one go using their loyalty points

Perks of an API Integration:

  • Instant rewards & gratification: reward your customers instantly
  • Single sign on: sign on from other services and intranet portals seamlessly
  • Plug and play modules: choose among the various modules as per your requirements
  • Rewards on the go: reward and engage, anytime, anywhere with our mobile app
  • Global catalog: extensive choices of experiences from our global catalog of curated experiences and last mile activities
  • Engage: updated newsfeed, greetings, badges, notifications & announcements, making it an interesting engagement platform


  • Rewards and engagement through API integration has paved way for a stable business model increasing the revenue annually
  • For client, it’s a total win-win as it offers last mile activities to their customers to increase the engagement, as well as ensures repeat visits to all their hotel locations in India and abroad