Case Study




Client is a leading name in leisure & hospitality sector providing holidays on a timeshare basis



About the company

Client is an Indian travel company that provides holidays on a timeshare basis. It operates in the leisure and hospitality sector. Vacation ownership is its key offering and is its flagship brand. Client offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships for over a period of 10 or 25 years

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Challenges in conducting an event for referrals that engages the members and increases participation
  • Coordination challenges with an added manual effort to invite and call the members
  • Time consuming manual process to track the references along with the cost per collecting the references
  • Low turn-around number of people on the actual day of the event
  • Logistical issues to plan, arrange and execute an event on a large scale

Existing solution

  • Event is conducted at a five-star location for one on one counselling with the members for referral collection
  • Limited set of activities to engage the people and increase the participation

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • A unique platform to manage employee referral database and incentivize members on successful referral through Xoxoday’s catalog of experiences instantly
  • A Robust workflow based referral tracking, management and reward platform
  • Xoxoday made the entire process online by creating a referral website:
  • Manage the entire value chain of referral program through post-refer-reward work flow
  • Here unique and select set of activities are offered with pre-decided dates for a quarter
  • Client team sends out communication to entire member base via Email/SMS, and different digital online mediums
  • Members visit the referral page: to select an activity based on his/her availability & choice
  • Member fills up the referral form attached to activity, as every activity has different number of referrals
  • Xoxoday team stores database & shares the same with the client team for validation (member id, name, referrals)
  • Client team verifies the referral & confirms to Xoxoday
  • Xoxoday team enables booking and sends confirmation vouchers to the valid database

How an online referral platform works

  • Members can refer friends and acquaintances, post profiles and view the status on the referral platform
  • Admin can see the applications, forward to the concerned department and change status
  • On successful hiring and post lock-in criteria, admin can reward points to the referring member
  • A referring member can accumulate the points and redeem against experiences from the catalog
  • The member can select the experience, enter relevant details, book the experience and enjoy it on the go

Perks of referral platform

  • End to end referral: end to end employee referral management module - post, refer, select, earn and redeem
  • Admin controls & analytics: an admin view as well as the member view of the available referrals, referred profiles and status
  • Automated delivery: automated delivery of experiences
  • Exciting redemption catalog: over 10,000+ experiences/activities, products in redemption catalog


  • Collected more than 500 referrals till date, along with maximum membership conversions
  • After the successful referral implantation for the region, plan is being implemented to different regions in the next phase