Case Study


Integrated Business Service Provider


Client is a leading provider of business services like technology solutions and people services


PAN India

About the company

Client is a leading provider of business services in four sectors mainly technology solutions, people & services, facility management and industrial solutions. The client also specializes in providing executive search & recruitment, staffing solutions, skill development, industrial asset management, compliance & payroll and engineering solutions.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • The client had diverse business units and divisions which were disconnected with each other
  • They wanted a platform which could serve various purposes of aligning their R&R program, a platform for employee engagement and collaboration which would allow them to create various groups and communities.

Existing solution

  • The client did not have any platform or framework in place, to engage employees and reward them

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered the client a complete enterprise platform where they could reward, appreciate and make communities to collaborate
  • The platform was a self-serve platform, where one can manage rewards anytime, anywhere instantly
  • Set-up in less than 5 minutes, the platform provides metrics to measure the effectiveness of the reward program

How an enterprise platform works

  • The HR admin can set-up an account, create workflows, create user accounts and set rewards with assistance from the Xoxoday program manager
  • The HR admin can allocate reward points to managers/department heads or can directly allocate points to employees as per budgets and reward criteria
  • The employee can accumulate points and send peer to peer non-monetary ‘cheers and badges’, highlighting company values and leadership principles
  • The employee can redeem the points against catalogue of experiences and gift vouchers available in the redemption section

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • Campaigns: create and manage reward campaigns
  • Reminders: automated points redemption reminders to improve utilization
  • Employee mood: real-time employee mood survey to analyze the pulse of the organization
  • Nominations: design nomination workflows on unlimited reward possibilities
  • Allocate budget: allocate reward budget by departments, business verticals and as per workflows
  • User management: create multi-layered users and workflows for points allocation, approval, redemption
  • Badges: provide non-monetary but motivating badges to employees to boost their morale
  • Polls & surveys: design and manage organization wide polls & surveys for feedback on critical organizational decision points
  • Community & groups: create likeminded communities within the organization to increase participation and engagement e.g. music, arts, travel, trekking, sports communities
  • Kudos & greetings: design and greet employees on organizational values, leadership qualities for all occasions in the organization
  • Global catalog: over 10,000+ experiences, gift vouchers for all major global locations
  • Reporting & analytics: detailed and exhaustive reports on redemptions, point recharge, allocations, campaign effectiveness and more


  • The first phase of the launch of the enterprise platform saw 3,500 employees actively interacting within the very first week
  • They came up with more than 100 groups and communities and the level of engagement observed among employees was tremendous
  • The employees have been using the platform extensively since then