Case Study




Global multinational health care company that sells research-based drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutritional products


PAN India

About the company

Client has a broad range of branded generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products. The company’s in-vitro diagnostics business performs immunoassays and blood screening. Its medical tests and diagnostic instrument systems are used worldwide by hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, and physician offices to diagnose and monitor diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, cancer, heart failure and metabolic disorders, as well as to assess other indicators of health.

Problem Statement/Challenge

  • Client wanted to motivate and incentivize their sales team
  • To offer brand vouchers giving them a large bouquet of options, choices across different products and services
  • Facilitate and encourage easy voucher redemption among the clients
  • Ensure a timely redemption of vouchers
  • Establish transparency and structure in the issuing and redemption processes
  • Build a voucher redemption and redemption tracking system
  • Problems to manually procure the vouchers and the need to maintain and keep the stock inventory

Existing solution

  • Client reached out to multiple vendors to procure physical vouchers manually, which was a time consuming and a tedious task

Solution offered by Xoxoday

  • Xoxoday offered the client unique voucher based engagement solution that had various benefits like Xoxoday vouchers and curated & handpicked experiences
  • Return on investment: increased voucher redemption without the hassle of physically procuring the vouchers
  • Low cost system: the set up cost is very low
  • Multiple redemption options: clients were offered the choice of brand vouchers and experiences for redemption that could be used for a one-time redemption or multiple redemptions as per the plan or process

Easy redemption of Xoxoday vouchers

  • Customer logs into the redemption portal
  • Chose the brand voucher that you want to buy
  • Enter your information in the voucher details page
  • Go to check out to complete the order, it’s as simple as that

Perks of an enterprise platform

  • Instant delivery: electronic or digital gift vouchers are delivered over an Email or SMS
  • Millions of choices: 350+ offline and online brands give choice of millions of products and services and 6500+ handpicked, specially crafted and curated experiences
  • Flexible usage: multiple Xoxoday vouchers can be added in a single transaction and can be used within validity period till the balance is zero
  • Flexible denomination: Xoxoday vouchers are available in price as small as ₹50 and as large as Rs ₹49,000, they also come in any denomination of your choice; choose your value as per the need
  • Personalization: you can personalize the Xoxoday vouchers with your name, message, denomination and company branding in digital format
  • Zero operational overheads: Xoxoday vouchers have no logistic charges or taxes and you can distribute them with the click of a button


  • 1800 vouchers were successfully delivered that ensured increased engagement amongst clients and high ROI proposition making the voucher based engagement solution an astounding success
  • This solution ensured sales incentivizing for the ‘Derma’ health care division of the organization