Xoxoday Experiences Overview

Every city in this world is unique, with the people making them different. It's the culture, art forms, dance forms, landscape, rejuvenation styles, trade & commerce, food, agriculture, passions, heritage sites, communities etc. that brings uniqueness to a city. The true flavors of this uniqueness is carved out ‘by the people and for the people’. Experiences manifest and evolve when people curate and consume this uniqueness of any city. Xoxoday is a pioneer in hand curated experiential rewards in India. Experiences are the best way for incentives and rewards. These are more memorable, personal, and shareable than monetary rewards like cash and gift cards.

Benefits of Xoxoday Experiences

  • Collect Memories, Not Stuff

    Collect Memories, Not Stuff

    Cash rewards are easily forgotten and the feel-good factor of being rewarded is short lived. But experiences like fine dining or adventure bring more happiness than material possessions

  • High Perceived Value

    High Perceived Value

    Rewards in the form of ‘Cash’ form a habit no matter how much you give them. The cash expectation is often blurred with compensation and the purpose of reward is often not met

  • Emotional Connect

    Emotional Connect

    Experiences can be enjoyed with friends and family resulting in strong emotional connect which is not possible with material things

  • Experiences Are Talking Point

    Experiences Are Talking Points

    When one goes for an experience or activity, one likes to talk about it and share it with others

  • Wide Range Globally

    Wide Range Globally

    One gets a large choice of experiences in different categories across the world

  • Personalization


    Our experiences are curated and personalized that suit all occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Team Outing, Project Success and more

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Range of Xoxoday Experiences

Xoxoday provides thousands of handpicked experiences across India. We also provide experiences in various other countries like USA, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, England, Germany and more through our experience service partners in these countries. We keep adding new and innovative experiences every day. Below is a brief range of Xoxoday experiences. To see the entire Catalog, check this page.

Top Destinations

Xoxoday with its plethora of handpicked, curated experiences help you explore a city better and present you with its uniqueness. Whatever your taste might be, Xoxoday is equipped to cater to it with its specially curated experiences

Purchase & Manage Xoxoday Experiences

Xoxoday Clients can purchase and manage experiences through any of the following methods as per their requirements. Each of these methods is fully supported by us and you will be assisted by a dedicated account manager. Customer support is available all 7 days across the year.

Through Xoxoday Experience APIs

Xoxoday provides RESTful JSON-based APIs for Experiences. Clients can integrate these APIs to run their rewards programs seamlessly.

Xoxoday Gift Voucher APIs

Through Microsites

Xoxoday provides support for creating experience Microsites for your specific requirements.


Through Experience Boxes

Xoxoday experience box is a collection of handpicked experiences packaged elegantly. These boxes come in different colors, and prices suiting your requirements.

Experience Box

Host Portal Management System

Register as a host with Xoxoday by filling the eform and enter a world of possibilities, Add and edit the information on your experiences on HPMS (Host portal Management System) .Know More

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Experiences For Every Occasion

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or Employee of the Month Award, whatever the occasion, we have experiences to match them all. Through Xoxoday's curated experiences, celebrate every occasion in a memorable way.

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