Fitness chain improves customer engagement

This global household name in fitness, with Xoxoday's help, integrated health wearables to reward and incentivize its members - and it worked wonders.


Our client is one of the world's most trusted fitness authorities since 1965. They started as a small gym in California and now have grown into a global icon for fitness across 700 locations,  serving over 3 million people across six continents every day.  The company provides fitness coaching for both industry professionals and beginners to help them achieve their fitness goals. Each gym offers a variety of cardio and strength training equipment as well as group exercise programs. Whether it is the activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, focus, cognition, financial health or personal relationships that the members want to improve our client supports all the wellness goals of their members.

The company aims to improve the wellbeing of their  members using unique goals that are set for each one of them. Their trainers get to know the members, discover their goals, and design an experience that helps the members achieve their goals.


Our client wanted to leverage technology to create customized experiences by analyzing member data from multiple sources - including their CRM, biometrics, interests, platform usage, and other sources of data to discover user wellness activity. All the while, they wanted to ensure the highest levels of data privacy, security and compliance standards.

The requirements could be summarized as below:

  • Incentivize their members using rewards and engage them using communities.
  • Use activity and performance-based rewards to motivate their members to participate in various wellness programs participate in various wellness programs
  • Increase the usage  of online trainings conducted by national and international trainers


Integrating with health wearables for activity data of members

Our client wanted to reward its  members for various factors that affect their engagement. Xoxoday worked with them to draw up an incentive list that consisted of activities such as:

  • Refer a Friend who Joins the fitness center
  • Member Anniversary
  • Walked 15K steps
  • Completing Fitness Orientation
  • Member Birthday
  • Join Golds Rewards Program
  • Complete Feedback Request
  • In-Club Referral
  • Follow  on Twitter/Facebook  (Social Media)
  • Complete a Personal Training Session
  • Club Check-In  
  • Every INR 10000 spent on Website

Xoxoday Compass, a multi-parameter reward calculation and management platform, integrated data from  a variety of different sources such as activity bands, heart rate monitors, their CRM and their existing member leaderboards to get access to member activity and performance data. This data was used to calculate reward members for members automatically and in real time. Xoxoday Compass also helped the client to run campaigns targeting dormant members - encouraging them to re-activate their membership.

Xoxoday Compass also helped showcase members on an overall leaderboard of various clubs who have been regular by for the day/ week/ month/ year.

Rewards that are made-to-fit

Our client wanted to offer specially packaged rewards for their members who achieve daily wins and Xoxoday Compass created exclusive redemption options for them. The following are the details of a few of these exclusive redemption options:

  • Free Personal Training Session
  • Free Quick Result Program (QRP) session
  • Free Nutrition advice
  • Free Special health goodies
  • Free workout videos by master trainers and international trainers

Creating a community of members

To help our client create a community for their members, Compass helped trainers with options to interact with their course members via a group chat or a broadcast message. Xoxoday Compass even integrated with social media channels to publish the achievement of the leaders of the club leaderboards in the respective club page. Compass is also used for promotional messages on upcoming programs for the members


The increased  user base for online content

Xoxoday Compass integrated with the video content from Facebook and YouTube and allowed members to easily consume these. Special workout and fitness orientation sessions by master trainers and International trainers were featured in the app.

Xoxoday's robust technology helped our client execute their member engagement program using multi-parameter rewarding and community features. Compass helped them successfully manage  their member loyalty across 150 locations seamlessly to improve member retention and usage.