Global Oil and Gas company improves Channel Engagement

This Dutch oil & gas super-major gamified channel partner incentives and increased channel communications by 35%.


Our client is a British-Dutch oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom. They are one of the oil and gas "supermajors". They have expertise in the exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and natural gas, and the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals. They aim to meet the world's growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.


The Marketing Managers at Shell wanted to regularly engage and run full-fledged reward and incentive campaigns with their over 200 channel partners across. Their existing communication, rewards and recognition processes were not effective enough to engage and motivate this large network of distributors. Reach and adoption of the existing processes was also minimal.

Aligning the distributors with brand missions and strategies was another challenge in engaging them. It was important to have an engagement program that helps this alignment process and thereby maximize the efficiency of the rewards, recognition and campaign management.

The Evaluation Process

Our client wanted to create a robust distributor engagement process and below given are a few reasons to finalize Xoxoday:

1. Xoxoday team's expertise and customer-centricity

Xoxoday has great experience in providing digital platforms to manage Channel Partners, Dealers & Distributors and Loyalty & Reward campaigns - which was thoroughly evaluated. Xoxoday team's customer-centricity and willingness to go extra miles for the client requirement was observed and this was a significant reason for them to finalize.

2. Wide variety of redemption options

Xoxoday's multiple redemption options like Experiences, Gift Vouchers, Perks & Privileges, and Physical products were really impressive. The fact that Xoxoday is a scalable digital platform, their elaborate e-catalogue and their channel partner survey features positively affected the choice.

3. Low turnaround time for campaign setup

Xoxoday's Compass drastically lowered the turnaround time for marketing campaign setup - which again, was a great advantage to be achieved.


Efficient Channel communication increased engagement by 35%

Xoxoday Compass becomes a primary mode of channel communication for the channel managers. All announcements, recognition, schemes and promotional activities are instantly circulated amongst all the channel partners. Compass is also used to recognize and reward the personal and professional achievements of the channel partners - work anniversaries, target achievement, birthdays, etc.

Xoxoday app enables the channel partners to access this information even while not at their desk. Channel managers can even chat with the channel partners one- on- one through direct messaging on the same app. Post-implementation of Compass, channel engagement survey results reflected an increased engagement of 35%.

Dynamic promotional campaigns increased revenues by 15%

Dynamic loyalty schemes and campaign can be created by marketing managers that are custom to their marketing strategy. These campaigns have the capability to be instantly implemented to the campaign-specific target group within the channel partners. The channel partners can even access their own purchase information to understand where they stand and push further to avail the campaign incentive. Distributors got better responsive to marketing campaigns. This visibility and engagement lead to increase channel revenues by 15% within 6 months of implementation. 

Extensive Reporting & analytics 

The system provides very crucial campaign-related reports to the category marketing team that enables them to fine-tune their campaigns to match the aspirations and challenges of their distributor. A highly effective promotional campaign plays a key role in driving revenues from them.

Xoxoday's easy-to-use platform and configurable campaigns increased participation, efficiency and effectiveness of reward campaigns and drastically improve channel partner engagement and revenues.