Housing Finance Company improves Channel Engagement

Learn how with this leading Housing Finance company, Xoxoday enhanced channel partner engagement of more than 2700 partners with its expertise.


Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited ("ABHFL"), is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited and was initially incorporated in 2009 as an investment company. ABHFL commenced operations in the housing finance sector in October 2014 and significantly transformed its business by expanding its footprint to 51 branches and over 2700 channel partners. ABHFL is registered with the NHB as a systemically important non-deposit accepting housing finance company. The company offers a complete range of housing finance solutions such as Home loans, Home Extension Loan, Plot & Home Construction Loan, Home Improvement Loans, Loan Against Property, Construction Financing, Lease Rental Discounting, Commercial Property Purchase Loan and Property Advisory Services. Through its lending solutions, ABHFL enables customers to own their dream home.


The channel managers at ABHFL were facing challenges to regularly engage and run full-fledged reward and incentive campaigns with their over 2700 channel partners. Their existing rewarding processes failed to be scalable so as to accommodate this vastness of the channel partner base. Thus the reach and adoption of these programs were minimal.

Managers at ABHL connected with their channel partners only during their quarterly dealer meets. Cash was the only form of channel partner rewards and these were distributed during these quarterly meets. 

Aligning the channel partners with organizational objectives was another challenge that they were facing. The channel partner engagement program had to take this alignment into account and also allow to maximize the efficiency of the rewards and recognition and campaign management. 

The Evaluation Process

ABHFL wanted to create a robust channel engagement process and they had evaluated multiple services providers for this purpose Below given are a few reasons to finalize Xoxoday:

1. Xoxoday's proven expertise

ABHFL evaluated the 6 years of experience Xoxoday has in providing digital platforms to manage Channel Partners, Dealers & Distributors, Loyalty & Reward campaigns by leveraging social engagement and found these highly beneficial for themselves.

2. Wide variety of redemption option

In comparison to the cash method of incentive disbursal ABHFL was using, Xoxoday's multiple redemption options like Experiences, Gift Vouchers, Perks & Privileges, and Physical products were really impressive.

3. Low turnaround time for campaign setup

After evaluating the platform, ABHL found that the platform drastically lowered the turnaround time for campaign setup - which again, was a great advantage to be achieved.


Single platform: multiple stakeholders

Xoxoday Compass is used by 3 stakeholder groups: system administrators, sales & marketing team, and channel management team. All these groups use the platform with relevance to their own performance objectives. System administrators control the overall use of the platform and manage the admin functions. Sales and marketing team creates marketing campaigns as per the evolving revenue and marketing objectives. The channel management implemented these campaigns and drove the participation and engagement of the channel partners. 

Efficient Channel communication

Xoxoday Compass becomes a primary mode of channel communication for the channel managers. All announcements, recognition, schemes and promotional activities are instantly circulated amongst all the channel partners. Xoxoday app enables the channel partners to access this information even while not at their desk. Channel managers can even chat with the channel partners one- on- one through direct messaging on the same app.

Dynamic Loyalty schemes and campaigns

The sales and marketing get to design dynamic loyalty schemes and campaign custom to their marketing strategy. These campaigns have the capability to be instantly implemented to the campaign-specific target group within the channel partners. The channel partners can even access their own purchase information to understand where they stand and push further to avail the campaign incentive.

Extensive Reporting & analytics 

The system provides very crucial campaign-related reports to the sales & marketing team that enables them to fine-tune their campaigns to match the aspirations and challenges of their channel partners. A highly effective promotional campaigns play a key role in driving revenues from them.

Xoxoday's robust platform facilitated ABHL to increase transparency and efficiency of reward campaigns and drastically improve channel partner engagement. Xoxoday's hassle-free rewarding options, data metrics, usage analytics, and reward calculations ensures that the channel partner rewarding at ABHL has grown better and quicker.