India's leading insurance company improves agent advisor engagement

This leading Indian Life Insurance provider revolutionized its insurance agent incentives with Xoxoday and got a 99% adoption rate.


Bajaj Allianz started on 12 March 2001 and currently has over 760 branches across India and is headquartered in Pune, India. Company offers insurance products for financial planning and security.

The company has over 20,000 life insurance advisors across India and grew by 38% over the last financial year, almost double the industry average. The comprehensive life insurance solutions, technical expertise and experience of Allianz SE combines with the in-depth market knowledge and goodwill of the Company in India.


Bajaj Allianz used brand vouchers to reward their life insurance advisors for their target achievements and other milestones. These brand vouchers came with their own set of problems:

  1. The recipients of these brand vouchers had only one option of redemption. This limitation prevented the advisors from freely using their reward amounts as per their interests.
  2. The managers were unable to track who received these vouchers and by when. This ambiguity also raised a serious issue of possible misuse of the vouchers - in terms of the vouchers not reaching the rewarded advisor and being illicitly transferred to other parties.
  3. The reward and redemption process completely lacked transparency. This requirement for transparency had two parts to it - First was the necessity of the managers to announce the reason why an advisor was rewarded and what this reward was. This communication needed to be uniformly disseminated across all the advisors to maintain the fairness of the rewarding process. The second was the end-to-end program visibility requirement to the management. Only this kind of visibility would help them understand redemption patterns, and in turn, the efficiency of the reward programs.
  4. The delivery and reach of these brand vouchers were sluggish. These reward vouchers had to laboriously travel through multiple stakeholders to finally reach the recipient and carried considerable operational overheads. The time lag between awarding and receipt of rewards reduced its efficiency.


The engagement dashboard

Xoxoday Compass allowed verification of the advisors at their first login. Points were awarded to these verified agent advisors on achieving business targets. The rewards dashboard provided end-to-end visibility for the managers, on how many points were rewarded, to whom these were rewarded and how the advisors redeemed it. The redemption patterns indicate the measure of the rewards program's efficiency.

Rewards and redemption transparency

The news and announcements feature in Xoxoday Compass allowed the advisors to get live information on the advisor reward campaigns that are launched, what the criteria were for winning the reward and finally, on who won the reward. This transparency of the process nurtured perceptions of fairness and trust of the advisors in the reward mechanisms

Instantaneous rewards

Managers were able to instantaneously provide rewards to the over 20,000 of the partners - with a click of a button. The elaborate process of procurement, rewarding and distribution had now reduced to sending an email to the reward recipients with the e-reward coupon. Xoxoday vouchers have zero operational overheads - both in terms of logistic charges and taxes.

More than 16000 options to choose from

The reward redemption portal within Compass came with a plethora of options, and the advisors had complete flexibility to choose from these. Compass offered more than 15000 options to redeem from, that included over 5000 experiences, 1000 gift vouchers and 10000 perks - that exponentially drove-up the redemption rates. Instead of being restricted to a single brand or category, they could choose from adventures to groceries through the same platform.

Xoxoday Compass went hand in hand with the consistent efforts Company wanted to invest in developing their partners. Company successfully achieved transparency and multifold of efficiency in the rewards and redemption process.