Paint multinational improves their signature club engagement

With Xoxoday's gamified channel partner incentive platform, this Dutch multinational increased dealer satisfaction by 40% and grew their market share further.


Our client is a Dutch multinational company that creates paints and performance coatings for both industry and consumers worldwide. The company has a presence in more than 80 countries and employs approximately 46,000 people. They have a world-class portfolio of brands and are trusted by customers around the globe. Headquartered in the Netherlands, their team is passionate about delivering the high-performance products and services for their customers.


Our client's segment managers studied their customer data and derived that the top 50 of their dealers contributed to over 40% of their revenue. They believed that motivating these 50 dealers could help them get better shop share and resultantly grow their market share. 

The wanted to create a mechanism to motivate them through exclusivity and rewards. They thought of reaching them with the use of scalable technology.

The Evaluation Process

Our client wanted to create a robust dealer motivation process and they had evaluated multiple services providers for this purpose. Below given are a few reasons to finalize Xoxoday:

1. Xoxoday's engagement features

Xoxoday Compass could run Loyalty and Reward campaigns by leveraging social engagement and found these highly beneficial for the engagement model they were proposing to create for their top dealers.

2. High-quality redemption options

To create exclusivity, our client needed to offer a bouquet of high-end redemption options. Xoxoday Compass offered a wide range of exclusive Experiences, Gift Vouchers, Perks and Privileges that could be handpicked to create an exclusive reward for the top dealers.

3. Easy campaign setup and configurability

Depending on the rules set by our client, the campaigns could be quickly formed in a matter of minutes. There are 3 criteria that the managers use to define the signature club, and the setup process accommodates it. Compass robust platform allows them to quickly reconfigure the campaigns for a new set of criteria required in the future.


Top dealer signature club- first of its kind in the industry

The "Signature club" that our client implemented was first of its kind in the industry. With Xoxoday compass, they quickly traversed the conception-to-implementation cycle and had a first-mover advantage. 

Increased dealer satisfaction by 40%

The unique idea of "signature club" received an extraordinary response from the dealers. Our client conducts monthly dealer feedback surveys and this increase in satisfaction was evident in the results. The overall dealer motivation levels and satisfaction had increased by 40%, in 3 months of implementation.

Increased shop share and revenues by 10%

Post the signature club implementation, our client saw a significant increase in the revenues generated from their top 50 dealers. By the end of 6 months of implementation, they saw a considerable increase of 10% in shop revenues.

Efficient Dealer communication 

All announcements, recognition, schemes and promotional activities are instantly circulated amongst all the members and they could quickly respond to them. The white labelled Xoxoday app even enables the dealers to access this information even while not at their desk. Dealers can even chat with their channel manages one-on-one through direct messaging on the same app.

Extensive Reporting & analytics 

The system provides very crucial campaign-related reports to the management team that enables them to fine-tune their campaigns to match the aspirations of their signature club. The effectiveness of promotional campaigns plays a key role in driving revenues from them.

Xoxoday's robust platform facilitated our client to increase efficiency and effectiveness of reward campaigns by allowing them to concentrate their initiatives to their best 50 dealers. This re-focus drastically improved their dealer engagement & satisfaction and shop shares.