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"Xoxoday Compass provided options for trainers to interact with their course members via a group chat or a broadcast message. It also helped integrate with social media channels to publish achievements of club leaders on leaderboards.”

While data from multiple sources - including CRM, biometrics, interests, platform usage data was readily available to Fitness Chain, there was a need to create customized user experiences by analyzing this data. This discovery of user wellness activities had to be done while maintaining high levels of data privacy, security and compliance standards at the same time. Their key challenge was to identify how best to leverage technology to ensure increased levels of engagement by all their members & the fitness community.

To find out how Compass by Xoxoday helped Fitness Chain to overcome these challenges & increase user engagement through targeted incentives, check out the full case study.

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"The 'Signature club' that we implemented was first of its kind in the industry. With Xoxoday Compass, we quickly traversed the conception-to-implementation cycle and had a first-mover advantage."

Post a study of their customer data, our client came to realize that over 40% of their revenue came from their top 50 dealers. They believed that by focusing on these 50 dealers, they would be able to essentially increase their market share. Motivation of these dealers was chosen as one of the key mechanisms to aid in this goal. They expected to keep the dealer interest levels high through exclusivity & reward measures as a part of this motivation program. Scalable technology was picked as the most sustainable approach to implement this incentive mechanism.

To find out how Compass by Xoxoday helped the client roll out this incentive program effectively & increase their market share, check out the full case study.

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"Xoxoday Compass went hand in hand with the consistent efforts that we wanted to invest in developing our partners. Company successfully achieved multifolds of efficiency in the rewards and redemption process."

In order to incentivize life insurance advisors for hitting targets & milestones, brand vouchers were used as a reward mechanism by our client Bajaj Allianz. But the efficiency of the overall incentive program was negatively impacted due to several challenges this mechanism imposed. Advisors felt restricted when it came to reward redemption since they had only one way of redeeming the brand vouchers. This system also opened up the possibility of misuse of vouchers, since there was no tracking mechanism in place to understand who received the voucher and when. Maintaining the fairness of the rewarding process also became a challenge due to the lack of transparency that the system presented.

To find out how Compass by Xoxoday helped the company overcome these challenges & increase the efficiency & visibility of their incentive program, check out the full case study.

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