About iCQ


iCQ is a framework designed for JL5 and JL6 employees and has been conceptualized to motivate and reward contributions to Organizational Citizenship behaviours linked to:

Development (For Self and Others) –

Conducting training, provide coaching, demonstrate thought leadership and self-development

Organizational responsibility –

Behaviours that go ‘above and beyond’ performance goals towards organizational activities

Many of you already contribute beyond your jobs, and iCQ is the way we record and recognize what you do… and additionally you earn credits, which you can redeem against various rewards!

iCQ Framework:

Employee participates in various activities under the formal structure of iCQ framework

Employee earns appropriate credit points for contributing in activities & this becomes the iCQ score of the employee

These credits can be redeemed against a host of gift/experience options


Activities that employees can gain iCQ credits are divided into three categories:

Developing Self(DS)
Developing Others(DO)
Organizational Responsibility(OR)


What is credit redemption mechanism?

Ans. There are a range of options available on the portal! Broadly they are from the following categories: Gift vouchers of all e-commerce websites; Certifications and Experience options.

Is this only for employee based out of India or for centers in other location as well?

Ans. As a first phase this has been rolled out only in India. We are in the process of exploring feasibility of roll out across centers.

Can the points be redeemed if the person has raised e-separation?

Ans. As the points are accrued for an employee's contributions towards increasing the citizenship quotient at Infosys BPM. In case of their separation from the organization, the points continue to lie with you and can be redeemed as well.

What are ICQ ‘Score’ and ‘Credits’? Both have different numbers, which one can be redeemed? For Example my ICQ score is 1589 but have only 325 credits to redeem.

Ans. 1 point is the equivalent of Re.1. The iCQ score is the total number of points you have accrued so far. It is possible that you have already redeemed some points, and hence the redeemable credits are lesser.

If we want to share an idea on some more activities to include in ICQ who should we reach out to?

Ans. Pl write to icqplus@infosys.com.