Boost Ed-tech sales with Compass

Game Templates to inspire better Ed-tech sales
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Make life of an Ed-tech salesperson fun, challenging, and feel like a game

  • Choose from interesting game templates that fits their day-to-day life like milestones, counter, race, bingo etc.
  • Games make it visually appealing for users to play and check for updates.
  • Configured with behavioral nudges, pushes the salesperson to go that extra mile to perform.
Simplify publishing enrollment based incentives
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Pick variables and functions from the library and design game rules you desire

  • Configure game rules with a workflow and formulae of your choice.
  • Choose to give scores, points, cash, badges or certificates as rewards.
  • Get insights from past games to make game rules smarter.
  • Run long-term commission plans, special incentive schemes (SPIFs), and team-based contests.
Configure performance visuals for various user-levels
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Display individual and team level performances

  • Managers and leaders can view their team performances on a visual scoreboard.
  • Create a sense of healthy competition between team managers with leaderboards.
  • Give access controls to managers to publish custom contest for teams to uplift their performances.
Live Scores & Sales Leaderboards

Publish performance scorecards at a macro and granular level with a click of a button

  • Display live performance metrics like targets, achievements, commissions earned, opportunities and more.
  • Broadcast leaderboards for healthy competition and benchmarking.
  • Auto-publish winners in group feeds and celebrate the achievements.
Nudge-based ed-tech sales coaching

Auto-coach people with behavioral and performance-based nudges

  • Push notifications on targets, achievements, social feeds, announcements etc.
  • Timely interventions with behavioral nudges based on competition, planning of targets, or maximizing earnings.
  • Send out tips on objection handling, product information, market insights etc.
Automate Payments

On-time, error-free and transparent payments boosts morale

  • Choose from one-click payment options like bank transfers or gift cards.
  • Option to populate payment-files. Output can be used for manual payments or via outgoing payment APIs.
  • Audit-trails and calculation log-files available for analysis.
  • Option to override commission calculations.
Communication made easy

Group feature enables Insurance sales team to socialize, collaborate, and stay informed

  • Make region-based groups for social feeds.
  • Make groups for instant company-wide announcements.
  • Make groups for maintaining document repositories like product-info, policies know-how, contests & offers, video collaterals etc.
  • Configure group-settings like permission to post, tagging, reactions, and joining of the group.
AI-enabled Personal & Boardroom Analytics

Software learns from user-behaviors and helps to make your commission program smarter

  • Configure widgets for salespeople like earning trends, leaderboard filters, earning calculator etc.
  • Configure widgets for boardroom like macro-business analysis, region-wise performance etc.
  • Insights and Suggestions based on past commission programs like benchmarking of insurance targets, optimizing the commission structure etc.
  • Business simulation based on revenues, commission budgeting, commission structure, etc. (coming soon)

Seamless integrations with your favorite software

Save 100% of your data-compilation, sanitization, and processing efforts

  • Choose between manual data-upload or integrations via webhooks, APIs, SDKs, or Google Drive.
  • Data structure agnostic system accepts raw-data and allows defining gate-keepers that sanitize the data.
  • Build your own library of dynamic variables/KPIs like Weighted premium, No. of policies, Persistency, Claim ratio, etc.
  • Grow your library anytime as per your business needs.
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Business Impact of Compass

Telecallers, Admission advisors,
Tele Sales Executives & Supervisors



Increase in

No. of Leads attended



Increase in

No. of enrollments



Increase in

Trials to Conversion Ratio



Improvement in

Sales Revenues

Location Heads and Supervisors



Increase in

Average Revenue Per Employee



Decrease in

Cashback to Sales Ratio

Behavioral Impact



Improvement in

Workforce Retention



Improvement in


Choose the best fit deployment mode to accelerate implementation

Select a workflow that best provides a superior user-experience

  • Launch Compass as an independent App.
  • Integrate Compass with existing insurance DMS/Sales App via SSO. Provide a soft redirection link within the existing App.
  • Deploy within your existing Insurance DMS App using Compass SDKs (limited features).

Ed-tech Case Study

Top Ed-tech firm increases admission advisor sales by 38% with Compass incentive gamification.

Full Case study

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“Xoxoday Compass helped in increasing the happiness quotient of our salespeople resulting in better productivity and therefore the ROI that we as a company get on the product is significant. Digitization of rewards and instant gratification are critical as far as the sales department is concerned and Xoxoday Compass is catering the same.”
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls