Features that help partner collaboration

Helps capture sales partner's mind share using a suite of collaborative tools

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Communicating effectively with sales partners is the cornerstone of developing an informed workforce. with Xoxoday's cutting edge communication platform, organization can do more to connect with their sales partners, engage them in sales incentive campaigns, corporate initiatives and more.

Building a collaborative culture ensures that everyone in your business is able to bring and apply their full self to their work.

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Features To Help Sales Partner Collaborate & Communicate

Feeds And Announcements
For Effective Communication

Send out effective campaign communications and organise conversations around feeds. Two way, transparent and instant communication with the brand and partner network.

  • Announcement
  • People feeds
  • Campaign notification
  • Award noticeboard
  • Greetings and badges
  • Celebrations and achievement

Groups And Communities
To Nurture partner Communication

Create closed groups and communicate among top performers or regions and create engagement with the inner circle.

  • Work updates
  • Task interactions
  • Leaderboard updates
  • Task repository
  • Group updates
  • Group opinion

Budgeting To Gamify
Campaign Achievements

Work with your partners to make effective campaign targets and budgets that match expectations.

  • Campaign budgeting
  • Goal and incentive setting
  • Region-product wise budgeting

All Your Sales Partner Communication In One Place

Today, your sales partners communication is scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple tools. Xoxoday compass organizes all your conversations in one place. So your team can focus on what they do best.

Effective Channel Communication
Organised Channel Conversations
Increased Campaign Transparency
Instant Incentive Updates
Nurture Partner Communities
Gamify Campaign Achievements
Celebrate Milestones
Build Healthy Competition

Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential

Transform your employee, sales partners and consumer-led programs in 60 minutes!