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Build lasting relationships through collaboration

Keep your sales and channel partners engaged with transparent communication

Channel partners and sales are generally disconnected with the organizational information due to geographical distance and travels. The relations between brands and partner networks are often transaction and limited to sales targets. Brands can build competitive advantage by engaging their partner network more strategically through effective communication channels. Engaged partners are more loyal and you can count on them for the long term revenues.

Features that help partner collaboration

Real time communication with your channel partners effectively

Compass integrates your sales and channel partner network closely with the organization. Discuss and do everything related to new partner onboarding, policies, marketing budgets, rewards, gifts, incentives, recognition, traninings, surveys, campaigns, targets and more at one place. Empower your channel partners with transparent communication with the organization and reduce their friction by bringing everyone on the same page. Greet them on a festival or wish them on their birthdays or celebrate a sales win, all at one place. Share instant information about any trainings, announcements, sales target campaigns, milestone programs or incentive distribution.

A group or chat for every conversation

Create Groups based on geography, SKUs, products, programs, campaigns, hobbies, interests, onboarding, feedbacks and more. Relevant stakeholders are in sync instead of talking in silos. Take feedbacks and inputs on anything you are working on without breaking away the flow. Get instant updates on everything that matters whether its an important announcement, deadline, target, incentives, new product launch, events and more. Information is transparent across the partner network and the organization. With shared information, everyone is aligned to common goals and objectives. Use personal or group chats for quick and short discussions

Search and organize any information shared

Search anything within groups to understand context and reuse knowledge shared over months & years. Manage attachments to structure your important files and data. Set up notifications for any important messages or to-do tasks.

Celebrate wins together

Give successes the attention they deserve: celebrate together as a team, no matter which location you are in. Discuss and share your learnings with other sales teams and partners.

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