Agent Incentives

Make sales agents your business partners

Sales in industries like insurance, telecom, real estate, travel etc is heavily dependent on agent network. Identifying, connecting and building long term relations with sales agents hence is very important for such industries.  Xoxoday Compass helps companies manage agent engagement programs including communication, feedbacks, incentives calculation and reward fulfillment. 

Agent incentives use cases

Instant gratification

Instant gratification is one of the key ingredients to agent program success. Xoxoday Compass handles scalable incentive distribution programs globally with ease.

Multi-channel communication

We engage the agents on all available touch points such as web, SMS, mobile apps and phone to build a strong two way connect with the brand and drive performance.

Refreshing and global catalog

You can run global agent reward programs with Xoxoday Compass. The catalog refreshes every day providing your agents new options every time they login.

Built for diverse agent incentives

You can configure the incentive calculations and choose reward options as per your agent program. We are working with diverse agent groups like insurance, telecom, real estate, travel, education and many more.

Automate manual processes

The agent incentive programs are complex right from data management, program design, calculations, transparency, selection of catalog to final incentive delivery. Xoxoday Plum automates this entire process seamlessly through a single platform making it completely hassle free for agents and brand. This eliminates any kind of distribution frauds or leakages.

Rich reports and analytics

One of the biggest challenges in agent incentive programs is around data insights and analytics. Brands find it difficult to analyze historical trends, agent effectiveness, ROI etc and connecting the reports with ERP or CRMs. With Xoxoday Compass one can integrate data points with existing DMS etc to have seamless visibility on  these reports. You can manage compliance and regulatory requirements for data and incentives easily from Compass.

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