Channel & Trade Loyalty

Build strategic relationships with
Channel partners for sustained success

Effective channel partner programs are driven by creating value for your channel partners both at transactional and emotional levels. Brand and partner relationships have to be driven through the four pillars of channel engagement: collaboration, empowerment, alignment and motivation.  Xoxoday Compass is built on these four pillars of channel engagement forging sustained relations & trust with the brands. We help you design, deploy,  measure and optimize your channel partner program for best ROI. 

Incentivize The Behaviors That Drive Results

The power and flexibility to create real business impact.

The Channel Incentive Challenge

Channel managers face the following problems with channel incentive programs:

  • Ineffective channel programs that do not find results
  • High operation costs for programs
  • Manual error prone process
  • No visibility of campaign performance for managers and partners

The Channel Incentive Solution

Compass helps with reduced campaign management costs using its simple yet powerful incentive management dashboard. Dedicated customer lowers support costs for redemption. Compass helps in real time monitoring of partner performance and provides performance metrics for campaign operations.

  • Goal based incentives
  • Campaign wise incentives
  • Peer performance based incentive
  • Behavior based incentives

Feeds And Announcements
For Effective Communication

Send out effective campaign communications and organise conversations around feeds. Two way, transparent and instant communication with the brand and partner network.

  • Announcement
  • People feeds
  • Campaign notification
  • Award noticeboard
  • Greetings and badges
  • Celebrations and achievement

Groups And Communities
To Nurture partner Communication

Create closed groups and communicate among top performers or regions and create engagement with the inner circle.

  • Work updates
  • Task interactions
  • Leaderboard updates
  • Task repository
  • Group updates
  • Group opinion

Budgeting To Gamify
Campaign Achievements

Work with your partners to make effective campaign targets and budgets that match expectations.

  • Campaign budgeting
  • Goal and incentive setting
  • Region-product wise budgeting

Leaderboard, Badges And Greetings
For Instant Gratification

Celebrate professional and personal milestones through badges, honors and meetings. Let partner where they stand amongst peers using leaderboards.

  • Performance leaderboard
  • Greeting automation
  • Milestone rewards automation
  • Hall of fame badges
  • Milestone gamification

Incentive Campaigns
For Motivating Efforts

Disburse rewards in a mode most preferred by your partners - whether it is point based or cash based. Keep channel partners invested and engaged with your channel programs using real time rewards.

  • Product based campaigns
  • Region based campaigns
  • Product-region mix campaigns
  • Behavioral campaigns
  • Peer performance base campaigns

Custom Storefront
To Celebrate Victories

Offers aspirational reward catalogue of experiences, gift vouchers and corporate perks.

  • Digital gift cards
  • Experiences & activities
  • Corporate perks
  • Financial products
  • Other benefits (Coming soon)

To Understand Pules Of Partners

Run highly effective partner surveys that provide you with powerful market insights.

  • Partner onboarding surveys
  • Training surveys
  • Partner pulse surveys
  • Partner engagement surveys

Continuous Feedback
For Continuous Improvements

Draw invaluable insights using effective audience-based feedback

  • Performance feedback
  • Product performance feedback
  • Partner policy feedback
  • Market feedback on new releases


Streamline all types of incentive recognition and rewards into one easy-to-manage system.

Faster payout
Higher ROI for
incentive spends
Milestone based incentives
Special pricing
Inventory based

Dozen's of companies
trust Xoxoday Compass forChannel Partner Incentives.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations around the world.

Features To Help Sales Partner Collaborate
& Communicate

Tailor made programs for each brand
One size does not fit all kinds of brand and partner engagement programs. Channel structure varies from industry to industry and so does the behavior and needs of the channel partners. With Compass you can design partner programs and business logics as per your brand requirements. The DIY platform gives you enough capabilities to run various permutations and combinations of campaigns throughout the year at your ease.
Tiered goals & reward programs
Brands can run tiered rewards and incentive programs based on the performance of the channel partners. The in-built gamification in the product helps in motivating the lower tier partners to put more efforts to get into higher tiers by creating healthy competition. The transparent scoring and milestones helps in building trust and parallelly leads to overall higher performance benchmarks for every partner.
Incentive Distribution & Wide range Catalog
A plain vanilla channel incentive program can get lost in the clutter. Brands can design programs which are personalized to each tier of the partners. Companies can control the catalog options, the value, geographic coverage of rewards etc as per their choice. The catalog has thousands of global options to choose from like giftcards, experiences, hotels, flights, perks, offers, financial benefits and much more. The program becomes interesting when the rewards & incentives are distributed on time without any delays. 
Personalized communication, training & Feedback system
There is lack of two way and instant communication between brands and channel partners. The current system of communication via SMS, whatsapp, emails etc is neither efficient nor transparent. Xoxoday Compass gives options to build different interest or business based groups within the app for effective communication. Announcements, new product launches, schemes details, trainings, incentive disbursal etc can be easily accessed through this app. Partners can share their feedback on any pain points or insights to the brand directly which can help brands to improve the effectiveness of the program in a big way.
Rich reports and analytics
One of the biggest challenges in channel incentive programs is around data insights and analytics. Brands find it difficult to analyze historical trends, campaign effectiveness, ROI etc and connecting the reports with ERP or CRMs. With Xoxoday Compass one can integrate data points with existing DMS etc to have seamless visibility on  these reports. Turn insights into actionable data through predictive modeling, feedback system, and relevance of program. 
Whitelabeling & Personalization
Manage custom campaign URLs, banners, logo and colors as per your brand requirements
Automate Manual Processes
The channel loyalty programs are complex right from data management, program design, calculations, transparency, selection of catalog to final incentive delivery. Xoxoday Compass automates this entire process seamlessly through a single platform making it completely hassle free for both the brand and the channel. This eliminates any kind of distribution frauds or leakages
Built for diverse trade channel
Trade channel differ from company to company. Compass is built for handling different kinds of channel partners like Dealers, Resellers, Stockists, Referrals and Wholesalers. The application provides access controls, privacy controls, dashboards and views relevant to each type of the stakeholder in the channel.