Sales Incentive Program

Motivate sales teams with best rewards

Design the right mix of sales incentive program for sales team to keep them motivated and deliver high performance. Sales incentives are highly complex and eat considerable management bandwidth right from design to execution. Xoxoday Compass helps you manage entire sales incentive programs starting from program design, setting targets, communications, rewards selection, fulfillment and program analytics.

Incentivize The Behaviors That Drive Results

The power and flexibility to create real business impact.

The Sales Incentive Challenge

Sales managers face the following problems with sales incentive programs:

  • Ineffective sales incentive programs
  • High operation costs for programs
  • Manual error prone process
  • No visibility of campaign performance for managers and executives

The Sales Incentive Solution

Compass helps with reduced campaign management costs using its simple yet powerful incentive management dashboard. It helps in real time monitoring of sales performance and provides performance metrics for campaign operations.

  • Performance feedback
  • Product performance feedback
  • Partner policy feedback
  • Market feedback on new releases

Incentive Campaigns
For Motivating Efforts

Disburse rewards in a mode most preferred by your partners - whether it is point based or cash based. Keep channel partners invested and engaged with your channel programs using real time rewards.

  • Product based campaigns
  • Region based campaigns
  • Product-region mix campaigns
  • Behavioral campaigns
  • Peer performance base campaigns

Custom Storefront
To Celebrate Victories

Offers aspirational reward catalogue of experiences, gift vouchers and corporate perks.

  • Digital gift cards
  • Experiences & activities
  • Corporate perks
  • Financial products
  • Other benefits (Coming soon)

Goal Setter
To Align Partners With Their Goals

Move beyond uninspired “also-ran” sales incentive programs & switch to targeted programs fine tuned using real time incentive updates. Get a strategic advantage over the competition using instant incentive payment to your channel partners.

  • Regional goal setting
  • Individual goal setting
  • Incentive alignment
  • Target: Incentive updates

Leaderboard, Badges And Greetings
For Instant Gratification

Celebrate professional and personal milestones through badges, honors and meetings. Let partner where they stand amongst peers using leaderboards.

  • Performance leaderboard
  • Greeting automation
  • Milestone rewards automation
  • Hall of fame badges
  • Milestone gamification

Feeds And Announcements
For Effective Communication

Send out effective campaign communications and organise conversations around feeds. Two way, transparent and instant communication with the brand and partner network.

  • Announcement
  • People feeds
  • Campaign notification
  • Award noticeboard
  • Greetings and badges
  • Celebrations and achievement

Groups And Communities
To Nurture partner Communication

Create closed groups and communicate among top performers or regions and create engagement with the inner circle.

  • Work updates
  • Task interactions
  • Leaderboard updates
  • Task repository
  • Group updates
  • Group opinion

To Understand Pules Of Partners

Run highly effective partner surveys that provide you with powerful market insights.

  • Partner onboarding surveys
  • Training surveys
  • Partner pulse surveys
  • Partner engagement surveys

Incentive Calculator
To Instantly Align With Achievement

Completely automated channel incentive management environment that help you execute complete program lifecycle. program design, budgeting, communication, monitoring, partner payouts and partner support - all on a single platform.

  • Goal based incentives
  • Campaign wise incentives
  • Peer performance based incentive
  • Behavior based incentives


Streamline all types of incentive recognition and rewards into one easy-to-manage system.

Celebrate Target
Your Peer Partners
Instant Incentive
Calculation & Allocation
Identify Partner
Incentivisation Insights
Complete Incentive Automation
Faster payout
Higher ROI for
incentive spends
Milestone based incentives
Activity based program –
lead generation, complete
certifications, conduct
meetings, etc.

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