People Combine Increases Rewards and Recognition program eNPS by 25%

Here's how Xoxoday increased eNPS by 25% of People Combine, the 17th largest employer in Asia and one of the Top 30 Great Places to Work.


Nord Anglia Education (NAE) (People Combine) are a family of 61 premium international schools, based in 28 countries around the world. They offer personalized, inspiring learning to more than 61,000 students who are between 2 and 18 years old. Tomorrow's leaders will need a global mindset, and the confidence to adopt new ideas and Nord Anglia offers students an education that goes beyond grades. People Combine – Oakridge International School is now a part of Nord Anglia Education.


People Combine’s employee engagement constituted mostly of their quarterly and annual reward functions. This made the rewarding process lengthier and thereby missed the opportunity for instant recognition and appreciation.

Most of the awards were given in quarterly town hall meetings by the senior management. The organisation identified the potential of empowering line managers to reward and recognise their teams. This provided scope for recognising employees instantly for their behaviours. Reward-related communications were restricted to a campus location, and the news achieved little momentum. With the network of educators geographically dispersed, they wanted a solution for quick and free-flowing communication.

The Evaluation Process

People Combine evaluated four service providers, and the following reasons were a few reasons to choose Xoxoday–

1. A great tool

Xoxoday for Team platform is intuitively designed and very simple to use. This was key for quick adoption and program turnaround. Xoxoday has a large list of built-in features that was readily usable by People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India.

2. The Xoxoday team

The interaction with the people at Xoxoday brought in great trust and played a key role during the finalisation. The product was demonstrated to People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India and was evaluated to be robust.

3. Venture backing

Xoxoday is venture-backed, and this gave People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India, the confidence to choose them over the other competitors.

“We were looking to build an employee engagement system that is self-sustaining and unrestrained but pre-definable. Xoxoday addressed this and allowed us to decentralise such a program to empower Managers to take decisions. There was also a great opportunity of motivating thousands through real-time rewards and recognition – which we were losing out before Xoxoday.”

Rajeev Tupsakri, Chief People Officer (CPO), People Combine


From monthly to daily rewarding

The Spot award feature in Xoxoday for Teams allowed daily rewards and recognition from a monthly or quarterly rate of appreciation. The ‘Feeds & Announcement’ section is now populated with messages of the ‘spot rewards’ and is spurring with the related conversation. These activities increased the intrinsic value of the reward. Even a 100 point spot reward snowballed and worked towards inspiring the entire workforce.

Improving eNPS on R&R by 25%

The Budgeting feature empowered managers to reward their team. The team perceives the manager to be the most rightful to reward them, since he or she is the closest witness to their performance. This improved the trust on rewarding mechanisms and its fairness. The leaderboard, nomination workflows and badges provided a complete visual of how and why a team member was awarded - improving transparency. Implementing Xoxoday improved empowerment, trust, fairness and transparency in R&R space - that lead to enhancing the organizational culture. People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India saw an increase in the Employee Net Promoter Score on R&R by 25%.

Decreasing Absenteeism (due to health reasons) by 50%

The Goal settings feature enabled People Combine to reduce their absenteeism. Health issues were identified as a major cause and they created a health-drive for their team. The team members were allowed to self-nominate themselves for work-out milestones. This empowered and motivated them to achieve these set milestones. The campaign saw extraordinary results - a whopping 50% reduction within a year of implementation.

Increasing Employee referral by 7%

A growing number of employee referrals represents increase of employees who are promoters of the organisation. Since Xoxoday, the employee referrals increased by 7%. This is attributed to bettering empowerment, trust, transparency and fairness. Great Place to Work Rank: From 54 to 21 & Ranked 17th In Asia The GPTW survey evaluates a workplace for its environment of fairness, respect, credibility and camaraderie. Post the implementation of Xoxoday & several other strategic initiatives, People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India improved their Great Place to Work rank to 21st from 54th and also is recognized as Best Large Companies in Asia- Ranked 17th in 2019. Xoxoday’s seamless implementation, instant reach and robust platform gave

People Combine – Nord Anglia Education, India. The agility to implement their people management program and achieve outstanding results.