Use Cases

Simple & Powerful

Absenteeism & Attrition

Manage employee well being through proactive access to Health & Wellness benefits. Help your employees stay healthy and give them quick access to healthcare & mental well being. Detect early signs of attrition via insightful data and take action to reduce attrition. Identify areas that need attention to address issues around employee turnover.

Connect with colleagues

Workplace Intranet & Communication

Use groups to connect socially

The employee social network for workplace discussions. The go to place for what’s happening in your organization.

Bring everyone on the same page

Make communication accessible to everyone through groups based on interests, teams, departments, locations, designations and more.

You are in control

Access & privacy controls to moderate content and permissions.

Make work fun

Post company news, articles, events, announcements, documents, photos, videos, polls, surveys, rewards, greetings, festivals, milestones and more at one place.
understand you team

Manager Effectiveness & Team Motivation

Grow as a manager

Understand your teams better, draw quantitative & actionable insights and improve as a manager.

Honest conversations

Understand the key issues leading to team dissatisfaction, productivity issues and turnover.

Agile actions

Real-time and continuous nudges to take data driven actions.
make work more human

Employee Experience

Entire employee lifecycle starting from hiring, onboarding, trainings, communication, recognition, reviews to exit builds an employee experience. Set-up an agile, continuous and data driven approach to listen and improve employee experience. Address the cultural, technological and physical factors in employee experience by identifying the right levers for improving employee experience.

appreciation matters

Social rewards & recognition programs

Celebrate small wins

Celebrate employee personal milestones like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Promotions, Retirement throughout employee lifecycle.

Make their day special

Automate festival gifting and greetings.

Reward on the go

Instant gratification and social celebration anytime anywhere.

Reduce admin hassles

Manage RnR budgets, nominations, approvals, workflows from a single platform.
Simple & Powerful

Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys

Descriptive. Diagnostic. Predictive.

Manage various kinds of employee lifecycle surveys with DIY templates.

Simple & Powerful

Easy to administer & configurable surveys.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Analytics & Insights for managers and leadership for taking proactive corrective actions.
Benefits made simple

Financial, Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Build a health and fit workforce with our exclusive access and offers on gym, doctor consultations, physiotherapy, employee assistance programs, Yoga, fitness and wellness.Employee discounts save your money and reduce your financial stress. Easy and discounted access to counselling, health portals and mental wellbeing sessions. Access to discounted and handpicked training courses to continuously up-skill your employees.