Remote Work Series Part 1 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Facing Remote Work and Continuing Employee Engagement from Around the World 

A wonderful virtual gathering of HR leaders from 12 countries on the topic of Employee Engagement during Working from Home, in association with HR Shapers. As the world is moving into lockdown at the face of COVID-19, understand how leaders of different countries are responding, to gain valuable insights in order to re-evaluate your own remote strategies. 

The leaders agree that one of the biggest challenges the employers face when it comes to having a remote workforce is cultivating a sense of belonging and inclusivity. If not addressed thoughtfully, this issue can lead to lower engagement, decreased productivity, and higher turnover.

The speakers of this webinar discuss this topic in depth and share  their own tested and tried strategies around how to engage your remote employees, practices that promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity, and program ideas to recognize remote employees. 

You’ll Learn:

Pandemic responses of firms from different countries

Understand how organisations from different countries contribute to the pandemic responses of their respective nations with their own remote work and lock down mandates.

How global organisations have setup the remote work environment

Get interesting insights of how organisations across the world are coping with the sudden lockdowns in order to ensure business continuity by making their employees function efficiently.

Engagement strategies implemented by global organisations
Discover the ingenious ways these organisations are striving to uplift employee morale during lockdown and ensure employees remain highly engaged with the organisation.