Remote Work Series Part 3 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Implementing Remote Work and Engagement by global organisations

Part 3 of the webinar series was hosted by a HR expert panel from 10 countries across the world. In this virtual gathering these HR professionals discuss the strategies that have uniquely worked the best for them to ace at remote work and ensure business continuity.

Engaging employees still remains to be the top priority  and to make them do their best is critical for the business functions to remain effective. Identifying problems that may crop up during lockdown related to the employee experience that would restrict them to deliver their duties optimally could be key determinants of successfully tackling remote work management.

The speakers of this webinar discuss remote working in depth and share  their own engagement strategies that are yielding results and practices that instill organisational citizenship behaviour and belongingness. The very experience of having so many knowledgeable speakers in one (virtual) room, is laudable. 

You’ll Learn:

Practices that promote employee loyalty

Discover the various practices these leaders implemented to ensure the employee experience goes untattered during the lockdown period.

Various engagement strategies from different countries

Get great ideas on how to go about your remote engagement strategy by drawing inspiration from the practices of 10 global HR leaders.

Remote working challenges and tackling them

The challenges of remote work are different with the nique context of each of the businesses - learn how to prepare for these and tackle them.