Rewards & recognition as strategic tool & talent magnet

Use rewards and recognition as a strategic tool

What we are witnessing right now is the clash of age diversity—with employees from a deck of shuffled age groups working together in a single organization. With that, one factor that can’t be left as is has to be rewards and recognition. Every age group has needs of their own - irrespective of their status quo in the organization. These needs play a very important role in employee engagement.

What’s even more important is the new era of a workforce that is young and full of zest. They aspire as high as the sky and they are looking to shoot for the moon. The important question is,  how do we make them work with us and more importantly, retain them? Go through this webinar to know:

  • How to craft tailormade reward strategies in lieu of changes in the workforce.
  • Which recognition strategy to adapt: the fit-for-purpose strategy or the one-size-fits-all?
  • How technology can push the workforce to achieve better results and talent retention.