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Communities & groups
Create groups based on teams, departments, interests, projects etc for effective communication, celebrations, task management and collaboration.
Share and manage work, information, social interactions, likes, comments etc like any workplace social media application.
Feature not available.
Feeds visible at group level. Feeds have access controls rights to enable or disable various options.
Send & share recognition with awards/value cards/greetings/hashtags.
Profanity filters & report abuse features.
Post,likes, comments, edit, share, delete options.
Share announcements to specific person or teams or company.
Rich file management with access controls.
Attach documents/files, GIFs, images, video, audio, links, hashtags, e-cards, value-badges and more.
Bonusly allows only rewards related feeds. There is no other feed possible.
Recognition/award bonuses feed, access controls is not possible on feeds.
Send recognition with points, hashtags, images, gifs.
Like, comment and add points on the recognition shared.
No file management or announcements.
Chat/voice bot
Chat one to one or in a group.
Chatbot to answer any questions related to the product, any features or workflows.
AI enabled bot for intelligent actions on the platform.
Customer Chat bot support with article search.
No chat engine for employee communication internally.
Notification & to-do
Receive notifications on email/mobile app/web browser for all actions like comments, celebrations, mentions, tags, surveys, feedbacks recognition, announcements, events & rewards.
A filtered to-do action list to remind on pending actions.
Receive notifications on email/mobile app/web browser for recognition and rewards only.
No to-do action list.
Greetings, celebration & value
Greet instantly with configurable greeting e-card options.
Celebrate life events like marriage, new joinee, retirement, baby shower, work anniversary and more.
Custom celebrations, events, and festivals can be configured and automated DIY.
Recognize values and behaviours exhibited.
No celebrations or life events sharing.
Automate only birthday, anniversary, onboarding rewarding.
Easy global search for content, groups, users, messages, documents, files, audio/video, employees, mentions and tags etc.
Automate only birthday, anniversary, onboarding rewarding.


Budget management
Manage reward budgets and funds.
Share funds with different teams.
Manage funds with reports and access controls.
Manage company, bonuses, reward celebration budgets.
Budget sharing is not possible.
Engagement pulse survey
Pulse surveys to measure employee engagement.
Fill rate, nudges and reminders.
Actionable insights through tables and graphs.
Benchmarking with respective industry data.
Build with top behavioural scientists and experts.
Configure frequency, cadence, audience, and intervals.
Actionables for key insights from the surveys through rewards, recognition, communication and other features.
Access to top indepedent consultants and consulting firms for execution.
Feature not available.
Anonymous survey
Collect or give anonymous feedback on different dimensions.
Measure sentiments and feedback cohorts.
Feature not available.
Customer survey template
Ready templates on employee onboarding, L&D, hiring, exit, diversity & inclusion, and other similar employee lifecycle events.
Draw insights from reports.
Templates build with top consulting firms in each area of expertise.
Build or use own templates if required.
Feature not available.


Value & behaviour
Configure values and behaviours as per the organization.
Appreciate/recognize/award/reward people for showing good values and behaviours.
Intelligence and reports with different dimensions.
Values and hashtags can be configured.
No smart reports and filters.
Nomination workflow
Different rule engines for award nominations can be configured as per your organizational needs.
Configurations are self serve and DIY.
Any permutation or combination is possible to build these nomination rules like inter-department, inter-location, inter-teams, reporting structures, approval structures etc.
Rule engines are limited, can only define some combinations.
Configurations are not DIY.
Complex rewarding types
Simple to any kind of complexity can be handled in rewards.
Commonly used reward templates like Peer to peer, team, spot, jury, value based, milestones, service, monetary, non-monetary awards are available.
Any new template can be custom made as per company requirements directly from the platform.
Approval workflows can be configured directly from the platform.
Option to reward in bulk or individually.
Complex awarding and workflow is not possible DIY.
No jury or milestone awards functionality.
No bulk rewarding option.
Occasion & festival gifts
Run un-limited campaigns for various occasions and festivals with elegant e-cards, templates & funds.
Common examples are Birthdays, Anniversary, Mother's Day, New Year, Diwali, Christmas and many more.
Scheduler for deffered gifting.
Limited templates for gifting.
No scheduling for gifting.
New templates can't be added DIY.
Gamify using leaderboards, milestones, awards and badges.
Advanced rule engines can be built for gamification based on company requirements.
Campaigns based on fitness, health, performance, targets can be easily managed with game elements and reports
Only display of leaderboard with bonuses given/received.
No rule engines for gamification can be set.
No campaigns or milestones available.
Award Certificate
Attach certificates for any reward.
Certificates can be customized as per company brand guidelines DIY.
Feature not available.


Export & import data
Export or import CSV or xls files for users, rewards, gifts etc directly or through third party systems like HRMS, SFTP etc.
Export & import users, bonuses, rewards data from or to CSV.
Reporting & analytics
Reports on feeds, groups, engagement, gifts, rewards, influencers, funds, surveys, conversations etc.
Different views, graphs and filters.
System generated nudges based on data intelligence.
Reports on bonus feed, participation, rewards & redemption.
No custom filters or nudges.
Custom configurations
Email templatization for custom branding.
Configurable access controls.
DIY whitelabelling of colors, landing page, logo etc.
Customer reward workflows.
DIY whitelabelling of colors, landing page, logo only.

Third party integrations
Integrate with HRMS, HRIS, SSO, SFTP, SAML, Slack, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer.
Integrate with HRMS, SSO, collaboration tools.
DIY & self care enabled
Free trial, fully DIY, set up guides, resources.
Free trial, DIY, set up guides.
Developer APIs & marketing
Ready Developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps.
Open Developer APIs and market place apps.
Android, iOS & web access.
Android, iOS, web.
Mobile App & web
Android, iOS & web access.
Android, iOS & web access.
SAML,SSO, ADFS, Okta, One login and more integrations.
SAML, Onelogin, Okta.
International languages
Supports all major languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Bahasa, Russian etc.
Only English.
Audit logs.
GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant.
Local deployment and hybrid cloud facility.
Audit logs.
GDPR compliant.


Guaranteed 99% up-time SLA.
Dedicated account manager.
24/7 - Chat/Bot support.
Email/phone support.
Implementation and onboarding support.
HR consulting partner support.
Guaranteed 99% up-time SLA in enterprise.
Dedicated support and consultation team.
24/7- chat/bot support.
Email/phone support.
Strategy & roll-out support in enterprise.
Blogs, e-books, videos, community, helpcentre, webinars, workshops, trainings.
Blogs, videos, helpcentre, webinars, training.
20000+ Global catalog with nonprofit donations, perks, giftcards, experiences, cash cards, catalog personalization and omni channel rewarding(email/SMS/App).
More than 75 countries covered.
Different currency and geographical taxation support.
Limited catalog with donations, giftcards, cash-outs, custom options present in few countries.
$ 3 to $5 per user per month for SMB.
Free trial with fully DIY.
Custom pricing for enterprise.
Starts at $3 to $5 per user per month.
Multiple pricing packages.
Free trial with fully DIY.