Employee Engagement

Increase productivity and decrease employee turnover by building a workforce that is engaged and motivated with Xoxoday Empuls.


Understand the problems

Understand what’s working and what are the problem areas in your teams and organization. Discover how employees perceive their work environment and the extent to which they are engaged and committed. Get the pulse and deeper insights of the employees with engagement surveys, one-on-one feedback and other employee lifecycle surveys. Empuls helps you focus on measuring what matters the most for your employees.

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Fix the problems using Empuls

Use various capabilities Empuls provides to fix the problem areas related to employee motivation, recognition, communication, alignment, wellbeing or autonomy. Real time nudges help managers and HR to take action at the right time. Determine the right KPIs to drive the performance of your team and company forward. Read actionable content from our experts and reach out to our engagement consultants to plan initiatives.


Measure employee engagement in real-time

Measure key dimensions of employee engagement through employee net promoter score (eNPS). Compare these metrics against various teams or departments to improve the overall engagement in the organization. Benchmark your scores with other organizations similar to you or your own surveys in the past.

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