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Employee alignment is a measure of the personal investment your employees have in their work, and is a key metric for understa-nding the health of your organisation’s culture. Studies have repeatedly linked alignment with increased productivity, retention and profitability.

Xoxoday helps you to drive measurable improvements in employee alignment using OKR's, Voice enabled Bot and engagement intelligence.

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Features To Help Employees Align To Goals

Voice Enabled AI Bot
To Ease-up Employee Interactions

Use voice-enabled Ai bot for communications, awardings, knowledge, redressals and many more.

  • Peer interactions
  • Instant awarding
  • Grievance and helpdesk
  • Search engine
  • Quick reference

To Align Employees With Their Goals

Set goals for your employees and let them track, update and achieve. Hence aligning employees around key business results.

  • Individual goal setting
  • Team goal setting
  • Track project progress
  • Track performance
  • Provide performance feedback
  • Improve project efficiencies

Reports & Analytics
To Collect People Intelligence

Your employee attitudes and perceptions are important to take strategic HR decisions. Xoxoday has extensive  analytic reports ready-to-use so that you can take relevant actions.

  • People interaction summary
  • Awarding reports
  • Engagement intelligence
  • Budget utilization reports
  • Nomination reports
  • Redemption and users intelligence

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