Drive Employee Retention & Productivity

Retain your best talent and prevent any kind of unwanted attrition with Empuls.


Empuls is what you need

“Our employees are our greatest assets. We want to create a work environment that is good and healthy, which they wouldn’t want to leave”

"Is there a technology that will help us keep all communication/information transparent? We want to build trust between the employees & the management”

(Employee) “There is no structured approach to sh
aring our experiences and opinions with the management. Our feedback often gets lost in the random processes.”


The Empuls Solution

Reduce Attrition, Boost Performance

Engage, motivate and keep your best talent from leaving. Empuls’ powerful social intranet, global rewards catalog and pulse surveys empower you with the right tools and strategies to reduce attrition and improve performance.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Understand Key Drivers of Engagement

Understanding precisely what is driving (or hindering) employee engagement in your organization. Track and analyse the key dimensions of employee motivation, recognition, engagement, etc. to boost employee performance and productivity.

Spot the Red-flags Before they Lead to Turnover

Spot the red-flags and road blocks as early as possible. Know what is affecting your employee experience and put them at flight risk with powerful lifecycle surveys, regular pulse surveys, feedback, analytics and more.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Drive Productivity Through Effective Feedback

Empower managers to connect with and coach their teams effectively through Empuls’ powerful 1-on-1 platform. Drive improved productivity, performance, and engagement by giving your employees the clarity and support they seek.

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