Internal Communication

Communicate Effectively And Efficiently

Make everyone a part of your story. Connect with them and ensure no one misses important updates, company-wide announcements, idea sharing, news and alerts. Let the employees communicate seamlessly and reduce the usage of email to improve productivity.

Xoxoday makes everyday work conversations effortless and more productive

Instant messaging, groups, feeds, announcements, greetings and badges, tags, Voice Bot, Surveys & more

Feeds & Announcements

Send out effective company communication and organise conversations around feeds. Announce important news, happenings, policy releases and celebrate big events together.

Instant Messaging And Chat

Have immediate and effective one on one communication. Switch from organisation level communication to individual communication based on the audience requirements.

Groups And Communities

Publish, organise and upload topic wise documents and information. Control the versions of communications and create need based subscriber groups.

Greetings And Badges

Celebrate personal and professional milestones through greetings, badges, value cards, tags, appreciation notes, team cards and more.


Complete the loop of communication by receiving real time feedback on announcements and news. Accept pulse surveys to understand the general reception of an announcement.

Voice Enabled AI bot

Use voice enabled AI as a self help for all organisational communication archives. The AI bot searches through vast communication data and retrieves relevant results.


Ensure internal communications are bilateral by assessing the pulse of the employees. Run surveys after major communication campaigns to deeply understand its impact.

All Your Work In One Place

Today, your team’s communication is scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple tools. Xoxoday empuls organizes all your conversations in one place. So your team can focus on what they do best.

Company Central Newsroom
Reduction In Emails
Easy One-on-one Interaction
Simple Task Threads
Team Interactions
Gather People's Opinions
Appreciation Noticeboard
Create Resource Centres

100's of companies trust Xoxoday Empuls for Internal Communication.

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