Employee Engagement

Strengthen Your Culture To Build A Better Engaged Company

A suite of employee experience applications and solutions that connect people to purpose, accomplishment & to each other. Unite your people around a common cause and the company-wide events. Use Empuls to communicate, collaborate, recognise, open interactions and do much more. Make a highly engaged and productive team.

Drives Engagement using Rich Diagnostics from Pulse Surveys and Powerful Analytics

Designed by psychologists and data scientists to help you build the engagement program you need.

Pulse Surveys

Conduct efficient surveys that measures employee engagement in depth.  Generate critical HR metrics like employee engagement scores, satisfaction scores and NPS using surveys.


Compliment surveys with feedback to receive critical responses and opinions from the employees. Use feedback as a tool to collect qualitative data of the employee voice.

Personal And Group Chat

Use Personal and group chat to conduct remote and quick one to one reviews based on surveys. These can be especially useful to understand the issues of the outliers of the survey results.

Feeds And Announcements

Send out survey results and celebrate improvements as an organisation. These announcements also help close the loop to the survey process.


Set individual goals and group goals based on survey responses and engagement levels of individuals and teams. Fine-tune work allocation and job enrichment based on feedback.

Reward Workflow

Configure reward workflows to drive survey participations. Use performance rewards to motivate teams with exceptional engagement scores.

Greetings And Badges

Celebrate personal and professional milestones through greetings, badges, value cards, tags, appreciation notes, team cards and more.


Helps quantify employee’s efforts, appreciations, value consciousness and represent how an ideal employee looks like - thereby, gamify adoption of your desired organisational culture.

Xoxoday Brings All Your Engagement Activities Together

Xoxoday is like a virtual office - a central hub where everyone can work together, drive through action and, ultimately, succeed as a team.

Simple Conversational Threads
Understand People’s Pulse
Seamless And Transparent Rewarding
Appreciate Your Peers
Company Newsroom
Tagging People, Tasks And Badges
Effortless Goal-setting
Acknowledging Value Champions

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