Rewards and Recognition Programs

Recognise Your Workforce. Reward Great Work.

Encourage, enable and celebrate personal and team victories with recognition. Create a powerful employee recognition and rewards program that inspires your employees to love what they do and meanwhile, admire the brand they do it for. Empuls powers a revolutionary award workflow feature that can transform and easily automate even complex awarding processes.

Never Miss A Victory To Celebrate

Victory is a journey that deserves celebrations. With Xoxoday, make these celebrations priceless..

Award Workflow

Configure reward workflows to drive survey participations. Use performance rewards to motivate teams with exceptional engagement scores.


Helps quantify employee’s efforts, appreciations and value consciousness and find out how an ideal employee looks like - thereby  gamifying the appreciation culture.

Greetings And Badges

Use automated greetings, reward nominations and value badges to instantly reward achievers. These rewards can be monetary as well as non-monetary.

Feeds And Announcements

Send out reward declarations and celebrate achievements together as an organisation. These announcements also help achievers receive social pat-on-the-backs through the use of high-fives and +1s.

Budget Automation

Empowers manager to access a dedicated budget to independently appreciate, reward, or recognise the team.


Set up OKR based reward campaigns. Automatically reward team members at achievements of OKR milestones.

Voice Enabled AI Bot

Use voice enabled AI as a self help for all awards you can give or you are eligible for. Appreciate your peer’s hardwork on-the-go.

Make Recognition Fun. Love Your Work.

Streamline all types of recognition and rewards into one easy-to-manage system.

Reward Victories
Transparent Rewarding
Appreciate Your Peers
Tagging People, Tasks And Badges
Identify Brand Champions
Real-Time Recognition Insights
Build Leaderboards
Complete Reward Automation

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