Employee Engagement

Happy and Engaged employees work better

Employees are holistically engaged when they feel empowered, motivated, and aligned through proper communication. Xoxoday Empuls ensures that these four dimensions of intrinsic and extrinsic people engagement work in tango to build a high performance and engaged culture in organizations.

Put Collaboration At Your Fingertips

Makes team communication fast, fun, and reliable with easy-to-use features like Groups, Live video, and instant messaging.

Budget Automation

Request budgets to manage team motivation. Allocate individual budgets for peer-to-peer rewards and spot rewards.


Use feedback to receive timely responses to team decisions - that are anonymous or otherwise. Open the option up for team members to respond to strategies and plans.


Set individual goals and group goals using OKRs. Use the groups to compliment monitoring and tracking of the results.

Award Workflow

Configure reward workflows that are unique to your team and function. Leverage peer rewards, spot rewards and achievement rewards to constantly motivate the team members.

Features To Help Sales Partner Collaborate
& Communicate