Rewards & Recognition

Create a culture of appreciation with Empuls social recognition platform

Gratitude at work is one of the biggest drivers of employee performance. Recognition is an invaluable source of motivation and inspire people to do the best at work.

Never Miss A Victory To Celebrate

Victory is a journey that deserves celebrations. With Xoxoday, make these celebrations priceless..

Greetings And Badges

Use automated greetings, reward nominations and value badges to instantly reward achievers. These rewards can be monetary as well as non-monetary.

Feeds And Announcements

Send out reward declarations and celebrate achievements together as an organisation. These announcements also help achievers receive social pat-on-the-backs through the use of high-fives and +1s.

Budget Automation

Empowers manager to access a dedicated budget to independently appreciate, reward, or recognise the team.

Help Employees Reward & Recognise

Celebrate festivals and occasions
Acknowledge the employee’s whole self at work with social greetings on every personal milestone like birthday, marriages, babies, promotions, or retirement. Set-up festival greetings and gifts like New year, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Diwali, Eid, Holi, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Father’s day etc from existing templates or make your own.
Democratize the rewarding culture in your organization
Don’t limit rewards and recognition only to managers and seniors. Empower all employees to recognize and reward each other to create an appreciation culture.
Reduce operational hassles of rewards & gifts
Reward and gift planning is a very tedious and time consuming activity for organizations. It takes considerable bandwidth of HR teams, leaders and prone to manual errors. Automate your entire rewards, budgeting, gifts and recognition process with Xoxoday Empuls.
Instant gratification
The reward programs are often delayed due to multiple stakeholders working in manual and operationally intensive process. Instant gratification at right time and occasion is very important in RnR programs. Xoxoday rule engines help you automate any kind of gifting and rewards instantly.
Manage complex nominations and awards across employee lifecycle
Organizations have varied processes on RnR programs. With Xoxoday Empuls you can use existing rewarding templates like spot awards, jury awards, peer to peer awards, performance awards, milestone awards, service & tenure awards, annual awards and many more or you can create any award workflow yourself as per your organizational needs.


Set up OKR based reward campaigns. Automatically reward team members at achievements of OKR milestones.

Voice Enabled AI Bot

Use voice enabled AI as a self help for all awards you can give or you are eligible for. Appreciate your peer’s hardwork on-the-go.