Xoxoday for Rewards readily integrates with SAP SuccessFactors to offer a storefront to redeem reward points against experiences, perks and gift vouchers. SAP Successfactors clients can set up the currency of their choice and get started.

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Employee rewarding made easy

Xoxoday takes care of the redemption process and delivery while helping you save on your precious time.

Help employees save money

Employees are happier when they get to save on their monthly expenses by using various perks and offers on daily usage.

Global catalog to choose from

Xoxoday supports redemption in more than 70 countries which makes for a unified experience for your employees across locations.

Dedicated Support

Xoxoday goes the extra mile to make sure that the redemption process is seamless and non-intrusive. Still, in case of any queries, you can count on us.

Instant Delivery

Instant delivery of vouchers/experiences via email and SMS. All the logistics challenges are taken care by Xoxoday right from curation to delivery.

Thematic experiences

Experiences that appeal to the users across demographics. Themes like ‘Family Time’ and ‘Solo Travellers’ contain specially curated experiences personalised to delight all employees.

Simple checkout

Finding the right experience or brand voucher is just a search away supported by a simple checkout experience that supports SSO and guest checkout.

Employee rewarding made easy

Understand the effectiveness of the program with in-depth insights on redemption pattern and feedback of employees.

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