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Life at Xoxoday can be described in many ways, but 'ordinary' is definitely not one of them! 'Energetic', 'Growth Driven', 'Great Team Spirit', 'Fantastic', 'High Octane' are words that our team members use to describe what it is like to work here.

We are a team of 150, still growing yet young. We stay true to our entrepreneurial spirits and we live and breathe our values.

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Our Values

Xoxoday nurtures a culture of perseverance, development and growth. This has enabled us to achieve an extraordinary financial milestone of 120 crore revenue, by growing over 140% during the financial year of 2018-19.

Value creation, Respect & Trust, Making a Difference, Innovation & Learning and Customer Centricity are the core values that are extensively practised by our team and these values drive all our organisational initiatives.

  • Value Creation

    Busy re-engineering possibilities

  • Innovation & Learning

    Working to perfect rewarding

  • Respect & Trust

    Made of Bedrocks

  • Customer Centricity

    We are into rewards because our customers are into it

  • Making a Difference

    Brewing the science of rewarding

How well does your values align with ours?

Our Teams

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Explore the world of Xoxoday and presence in amazing cities.

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Life at Xoxoday

We invest in the personal and professional growth of every Xoxodian because we believe growth leads to both business impact and personal fulfilment.

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We are fun, we are agile and we love being together!

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Benefits at Xoxoday

Xoxoday takes strong stands on being people-centric and our intuitive and expansive employee benefits package is a stark example of this. From Insurance benefits to health plans to free breakfast and lunches, these benefit lists are top-notch and these profoundly impact the employee experience.

Thoughtful Insurance Covers

Health Insurance that covers the employee, their spouse, kids and even parents.

Working Out Life-Work Balance

Flexibility of work and Parental benefits that help harmonize work and life of a working parent. Mobility benefits in the event of a relocation.

Ever-Growing Together

Take up a course or attend a program that can help them to perform better. Wellness workshops and full body medical check ups

Powering Women Power

Benefits that help in inclusion and empowerment of women employees to pursue their ambitions.

Rewards Worth Everything

Instilling a culture of performance and appreciation at their workplace. Town Hall Meetings, Fun-Fridays, Team outings and festivities.

Epic Fringes

Free breakfast, lunch and all day binge options. Bowling, Table tennis, Foosball, Concierge desk and many, many more.

A Happy Family of Happy Teams

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