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Right Communication. Instant Incentive Calculation. Immediate Disbursement.

Top leaderboards to make you and your brand grow together.

Sale Partners are the most important stakeholders for a business. It fuels up your business sales but monotony could be a by-product of their work functions. Xoxoday brings a platform that give you accurate incentive communication, instant incentive calculation, immediate disbursement,leaderboards and market insights - to go the extra mile.

High Performing Platform For
High Performing Partners

Xoxoday Compass marks an end to the unending waits to realise partner incentives. Partners will now be able to track where they stand, have clear visibility of the milestones, receive instant rewards and redeem these rewards on-the-go.

Enterprise Ready

Easy signup process that instantly gives you access to a world of exciting features that are available in multiple languages and currencies.

Plug & Play

Channel Managers can the platform in very simple steps to suit the channel partner's needs

Smart Engines

Auto consultants that provide channel managers with actionable insights to independently create programs for the channel partners.

Integrate Your Data

Integrate channel partners data individually, over a .csv upload or through information system integration.

Helping Partner Engage
Through Partner Programs

With the use of rich features of Xoxoday Compass, channel partners can now collaborate, align, participate and perform.

Icon Library

Pre-created set of badges, value cards, greetings, colour themes, backgrounds and other icons makes implementation fast.

Blogs By Experts

Channel management experts write what has worked for their organisations and helps you understand how to leverage the tools best to top leaderboards

One-Click Template Installation

Ready-to-use design templates have been built by experts that can be implemented with a few clicks by your channel manager.

Setup Workflows

Powerful features like awards, surveys, budgets, groups and leaderboards have a simple and fluid setup process that powers your channel managers.

Customise Your Storefront

Helps your channel manager build custom storefront that displays the redemption options that are ideal for you, from our rich collection of choices.

Engagement Intelligence

Usage data of the  platform helps generate insightful channel engagement reports and also produces predictive engagement intelligence.

Data At Your Fingertips

Watch the leaderboards to find how you fare amongst your peers. Find all campaign and brand communication, milestone and achievement related documentation at your finger tips, through universal search.

  • Continuous Performance
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Reports & Analytics

People Upgraded Technology

Xoxoday's customer managers orient themselves around your success - helping you implement, maintain, track and reap benefits of your programs.

Support for Small Teams

Library and Documentation

Use our indexed blogs, videos. case studies, user manuals and FAQs to discover great ways to engage.

Webinars & Taining Sessions

Xoxoday team host webinars and takes regular training sessions for admins, managers and employees.

Chat Bots

Chat help available all through out the platform usage

Support for Large Teams

Dedicated Manager

Our customer success manager will help you go live on your programs and during the implementation

Key Account Manager

After implementation you will be allocated a Key Account Manager who will help you maintain the processes.

Quarterly Reviews

Health checks of the system implementation are regularly conducted and you are given a detailed and insightful reports.

Performance Management Resources

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