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Earn & Burn Program for Everyone

Develop deeper strategic relationship with your employees, customers and channel partners by making your rewards more
meaningful with Reward Points
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Drive Engagement

Create excitement around your rewards with an intuitive points program. Increase engagement by rewarding various actions like social interactions, referrals, reviews etc. with Xoxo Points.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Easy Redemption

Let your users accumulate any number of Xoxo points in the same wallet. They can choose to redeem all the accumulated points in one go or use it for multiple redemptions on a global catalog comprising 20000+ options.

Global Catalog to Burn Points

Give the power of choice to your users with Xoxo points. Let your users burn their points for a reward of their choice from a global catalogue of 20000+ options.

Xoxo codes


Robust, Secure & Scalable

Quick Roll-out

Set up and run earn and burn programs for your users in as short as 60 minutes

Easy Customization

Personalize messages, brand colors, logo and catalog options to bring in your brand flavor.

Omni Channel Delivery

Choose any delivery method like On-Screen, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, QR Code, notifications and more.

Analytics & Insights

Rich reports & analytics to draw insights on spending patterns, usage patterns, program ROI & discounts.

Custom Rule Engines

Define customized rules for your reward program, reward type, demographics, goals, etc.

Flexible Options

Choose your denomination, currency, country, category, delivery method.


Points Programs that is
Designed for Growth

A simple, and easy to use all-in-one virtual points program to drive employee, marketing and customer relationship management.

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer lifetime value. Run a customized points program that accelerates your existing marketing efforts by understanding the spending patterns and usage patterns of your customer.

Employee Advocacy

Make every employee a brand ambassador. Drive employee loyalty and turn them into high-performing assets by recognising and rewarding the desired behaviours with Xoxo Points.

Channel Growth

Don’t just transact, build strategic relationships with your channel partners. Engage them with carefully crafted points based strategies and drive better results.