Use Cases & Solutions

drive sales through promotions

Consumer Promotions

Boost your sales with rewards which drive more traffic and better user engagements.
Stand out among the brand-crowd using strategic rewarding campaigns to stimulate demand. With Xoxoday Plum, blend rewards in the brand journeys from Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Complete Rewards management solution for your customers for referrals, loyalty, milestones, subscriptions, promotional capmaigns and more.

appreciation matters

Employee Rewards & Benefits

Festivals and personal occasions are great ways to foster relations and celebrate. Enjoy the moment and leave the hassles of gifting to Xoxoday Plum. Automate gifting and incentive to employees, consumers, suppliers, clients, partners and anyone else, anytime, anywhere with Plum.

build lasting relations

Corporate Gifting

Xoxoday Plum is your one stop solution for corporate gifts for your employees, channel partners, referrals, etc. While you can focus on forging lasting relations with your stakeholders, we take all your administrative burden of handling corporate gifts worldwide.

global. scalable. instant

Fulfilment Programs

Outsource your catalog planning, rewards fulfilment and redemption management to Xoxoday. Leverage the global catalog covering 50+ countries, instant delivery and real time tracking. While you manage the core, we take care of everything else including customer issues.

drive survey fill rates

Survey Panel Incentives

Market research companies need to run survey campaigns to diverse user groups globally to collect valuable market insights. Companies need to run incentive programs to get the best fill rate and create higher interest in the panelists. Incentives increase the response rate, and thus decrease the amount of raw sample needed, which offsets the incentives cost. Xoxoday Plum with its global refreshing catalog works best for rewarding and motivating such respondents.

earn & burn programs

Loyalty Programs

Consumer companies drive loyalty and repeat purchase by rewarding customers on every spend. The success of these earn and burn loyalty programs often lie in the program design, its robustness and usefulness to the customer. Such programs are often very complex due to multiple types of consumer demographics, geographical spread, and large data sizes. Xoxoday Plum technology helps companies run such complex loyalty programs seamlessly. Xoxoday Plum technology helps companies in airline, banking, hotel etc industries run such complex loyalty programs seamlessly.


Powering the incentives & rewards economy

Instant Delivery

Delayed gratification spoils the experience. Make your rewarding instant and on the go.

Whitelabelling & Personalization

Manage custom campaign URLs, banners, logo and colors as per your brand requirements.

Global Catalog

Wide range of gift cards, experiences, activities, perks, wellness, travel, entertainment & financial benefits.

Best Prices & Discounts

Plum helps you with best prices with its aggregate supplier pricing power and volume discounts.

Reports & Analytics

Use rich reports & analytics to draw insights on spending patterns, usage patterns, program ROI & discounts.

Omni Channel Delivery

Choose any delivery method like On-Screen, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, QR Code, Notifications and more.