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Build personalized coupon, discount, referral, and loyalty campaigns faster
Customer data platform

Acquire Customers

Retain Customers

Upsell & Cross-sell

Engage Customers

Plum Promotion engine

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Reduce CAC

Reduce Churn

Increase CLTV

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Consumer promotions challenges

Current problems

Time consuming

Planning and executing consumer promotions is complex & time consuming

High costs

High costs and lack of data insights


Agency dependent and low real time controls

How we solve?

Features & Benefits

API first digital promotions platform
Supercharge Customer Acquisition

Influence purchase decisions in your marketing funnel

Plum empowers marketers to drive consumer behaviour throughout the sales funnel from awareness, interest, desire and action. You can run customer acquisition, conversion, and retention campaigns with personalized incentives. Stimulate demand and sales through contextual offers and rewards.

delight your customers

Complete consumer promotion rewards management solution 

Plum gives you a complete consumer rewards management solution for rebates, referrals, coupons, contests, giveaways, sampling, loyalty, cashbacks, sign-ups, sweepstakes and more. Plan dynamic volume discounts & product bundling for upsell and cross-sell.  

Boost customer activation

Personalized offers and rewards

Build a single click personalized rewards catalog according to user preferences and buying habits. Choose the right mix of gift cards & offers for your audience, tiers and your program goals. Customize your campaign with brand logo, color, email templates and messaging. Rewards are delivered immediately and can be redeemed by the end user with a single click. 

Personalized Offers and rewards
Start Sales Promotion
Simple & Powerful

Start sales promotion campaigns in 60 minutes

Create customer centric sales promotion campaigns across channels in real time. Track ROI of your customer lifecycle value strategy. Be in control of the entire program like campaign budgets, expiry date, campaign activation and campaign performance.  


API-first & enterprise-ready

Developer-friendly API

API, SDKs, and webhooks reduce integration time with your existing systems

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24/7 support

Onboarding consulting to you and  round-the-clock support to end-users.

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Role based access control

Build custom workflows suited to each individual or team with access controls

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Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Launch critical projects with a secure, GDPR, ISO and SOC ready platform

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"After implementing Xoxoday, we have seen improvement in employee morale, eagerness to take up more responsibility and a healthy competition within the team. We are so happy with the product and the team running behind the show. This is a worthwhile investment creating a great picture of the work culture both within and outside the organization."
"We wanted our employees to aspire for a product, achieve milestones to get reward points and finally buy what they aspired for. Xoxoday helps us achieve exactly that. Our staff attrition has slumped from 8% to 4.7% - and I completely attribute it to the Staff Rewards and Recognition program run through our Xoxoday platform."
"Really appreciate the swift communication and support from all the teams. Hope to continue the same."

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