Features for creating campaigns

The Campaign Builder  features of Xoxoday Plum offers you campaign building tools to create highly effective campaigns in a matter of a few minutes

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Impact Areas

Personalisation of
Rewards Communication
Packaging and
Delivery Services
Based Designs
Comprehensive Mis
and Reporting


Campaign Design Wizard

Use Plum’s campaign design wizard to custom build all functionalities of the campaign - starting from landing page designs to catalogue design.

  • Employee referral campaigns
  • Employee achievement campaigns
  • Festive campaigns
  • Customer promotion campaigns
  • Trade promotion campaigns
  • Milestone achievement campaigns

Reports and Analytics

Plum provides detailed reports and analytics of platform usage, rewarding and redemption - in a dashboard that gives the Admin end-to-end visibility..

  • Points report
  • Voucher report
  • Plum Pro report
  • Invoice report
  • Redemption report

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